EmoniNail’s Nail Fungus Treatment Review

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This antifungal treatment is useful in containing an active ingredient well known for treatment of fungal infections. This treatment product is backed by a full guarantee

EmoniNail’s Nail Fungus Treatment Review

Read our review below about the product Nail Fungus Treatment: It is claimed by the manufacturers of this topical treatment that their product penetrates the nail to destroy the fungus, and that it clears yellow keratin. The goal of this product, according to the manufacturer, is to restore the nail bed to full health.


The active ingredient in this product’s formula is undecylenic acid (10%). This substance is effective as a treatment for nail fungus, destroying the fungus and relieving the symptoms of itching and burning. This substance also supports the re-growth of the tissues and nails. However, for optimal results, the concentration of undecylenic acid should be 25%.

Other ingredients include water, sunflower seed oil, SD alcohol 40-B, cetyl alcohol polysorbate 20, glycerin, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree leaf) oil, phenoxyethanol, and ethylhexylglycerin.

These ingredients help to soothe the irritation and inflamed tissue around the nail. The tree tea oil combined with the sunflower oil helps ensure penetration of the active ingredients. SD alcohol 40-B also helps promote penetration of other ingredients deep into the tissue. Glycerin and cetyl alcohol help to moisturize the skin, with the alcohol treating the redness and inflammation as well as brittle nail tissues. And, like the SD alcohol 40-B, cetyl alcohol also promotes penetration of the ingredients into the skin. Phenoxyethanol is a  key ingredient, as it helps to reduce irritation, whereas ethylhexylglycerin helps to minimize irritation while soothing inflammation. The inclusion of water is to allow for the dissolving of the other ingredients, while making the product easier to apply.


The manufacturer provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply this product. It may be applied twice daily on the nail and surrounding skin using the built-in brush applicator. Afterward wash your hands.


This product is available on the manufacturer’s own website. Three different package deals are offered. One (1) bottle of 0.8 ounces costs $59.95. Three (3) bottles cost $119.95 (saving $59.90 on a pay-for-two-and-get-one-free deal). Five (5) bottles cost $179.95. This is a savings of $119.95, the buyer paying for three and getting two bottles free.


The manufacturer of this nail fungus treatment offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this product. The buyer can for any reason return the item within 60 days for a refund. All sales outside of the US will attract a $20.00 handling fee.

Nail Fungus Treatment Review – Conclusion

This antifungal treatment is useful in containing an active ingredient well known for treatment of fungal infections. This treatment product is backed by a full guarantee and comes in three different package deals, in which a buyer can save money on bulk orders. However, there are some problems a potential buyer should be aware of. Firstly, and most importantly, the active ingredient undecylenic acid is less than half the concentration of the amount known to lead to optimal results. This antifungal treatment product costs more than others, even those nail fungus treatment products that contain a much higher concentration of undecylenic acid.

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