FixaFungus’s Toenail Fungus Treatment Review

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In the worst case scenario, a toenail infection can lead to the toenail having to be removed. Therefore finding a treatment that is effective is important.

FixaFungus’s Toenail Fungus Treatment Review

The following is a review of the product Toenail Fungus Treatment: The manufacturer of this treatment claims that their two-step system (a pre-treatment followed by an antifungal treatment) is effective for killing finger- and toenail fungus. The claim is that this product penetrates the fungus under the nail plate.


  • Keratrate
  • Proprietary blend includes: monika oil, red thyme oil, oil of oregano, foraha/tamanu oil, turpentine, castor oil, melaleuca oil, clove tree, eucalyptus, and garlic.

The treatment consist of two parts – a pre-treatment (Keratrate) followed by a broad-spectrum antifungal proprietary blend (fungicillin). Keratrate is a penetration enhancer which creates the environment for the proprietary blend to work. This blend consists of essential oils and food additives.


The manufacturer states that, before this product is used, the affected area should be cleaned and properly dried. This product consists of a two-part treatment.

Pre-treatment: Mix the ingredients of the activator solution with the powder by following the instructions of the manufacturer. Shake the mixture for 4 to 5 minutes.  After priming the container, use the brush to apply the mixture directly on the nail. Do not paint the skin. Thereafter place the mixture in the refrigerator, where it may be stored for up to four weeks. Allow 10 minutes for the pre-treatment to dry.

Antifungal treatment: Apply a thin layer of the mixture directly on the nail as well as the skin directly around the nail.


A box is available at $49.95 directly from the manufacturer. No discounts are offered.


The manufacturer offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee is valid for 60 days, during which the product may be used but still returned. If the consumer wishes to return the product, an email to the company will be answered, giving the address. However, returns do not need to be accompanied by a reason. Apart from the full return, the company will add another 10% to the refund amount. We were unable to find who will be responsible for the shipping fee, or whether the customer must pay for a handling fee.

FixaFungus’s Toenail Fungus Treatment Review – Conclusion

In the worst case scenario, a toenail infection can lead to the toenail having to be removed. Therefore finding a treatment that is effective is important. This product has some good points; however, also some negatives. On the positive side, this product is backed by a good guarantee in which a customer may try the product for 60 days, returning it if they are not pleased with the results. In addition, this product contains a two-part treatment, with the pre-treatment prepping the nail for the antifungal treatment.

However, on the downside, this product does not contain the clinically researched ingredient undecylenic acid known to effectively treat this type of infection. Instead, this product contains cheap ingredients such as turpentine while lacking ingredients that could help to soothe the itching. Furthermore, despite our research efforts, we were unable to find any reviews about this product, particularly on the manufacturer’s own website. Lastly, with no discounts offered, this product seems uneconomical compared with other, similar products on the market.

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