Fungavir Review

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Fungavir is one of the best nail fungus treatment products on the market today. It is able to get down to the bottom of nail fungus and treat it where it starts.

Fungavir Review

This is a review for Fungavir which is an anti-nail fungus treatment product. It is one of the best nail fungus treatment products that I have been able to review as of late. The manufacturer claims that this product is able to get to the bottom of even the most stubborn nail fungus by penetrating into the surface of the nail and soothing the area that has been affected. They also claim it is also able to heal the area gently while doing so. Keep reading to learn more about this product.


The ingredients to this product include:

  • Undecylenic Acid, USP 25%
  • Manuka Oil
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil:(Tea Tree Oil)
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil: (Almond Oil)
  • Aloe Barbadensis
  • Eugenia Caryophyllus
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Juglans Nigra:
  • Citronella Grass
  • Propolis Extract
  • Menthol
  • Lavandula Angustifolia
  • Camphor Oil
  • Tocopheryl Acetate


In order to use this product, you must apply to the affected nail once in the morning and once at night. Once a week you need to rough up the surface of the nail with an emery board in order to get rid of some of the old product so the new oil you are applying can be more effective.

Possible Side Effects

While there are no side effects to taking this product there are some warnings listed on the label. Anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or has a medical condition of any kind should consult with their doctor before taking this supplement. If you experience any reactions you should stop taking this supplement right away.


There are five different package options for Fungavir. The starter bottle costs $49.95. If you would like to purchase in bulk, the mild program costs $69.90 and provides you with two bottles. The advanced program gives you four bottles of Fungavir for only $99.80. If you would like four bottles of just the original Fungavir, this also costs $99.80. The most popular package is the prevention program which is buy three get three free for $135.70.


The manufacturer offers a 60 day money back guarantee for all of their products. If you return your products within 60 days and receive a refund without the shipping charges. You can return both opened and unopened bottles and receive a refund with no questions asked. There are a number of reviews that state that this is an amazing products that gets rid of nail fungus for long periods of time without needed to be reapplied.

Fungavir  Review Conclusion

Fungavir is one of the best nail fungus treatment products on the market today. It is able to get down to the bottom of nail fungus and treat it where it starts. It is safe for both fingernails and toenails and is safe to use on a regular basis. You can use this product to help prevent future nail fungus outbreaks.

The manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee and only uses natural ingredients to create their products. This is an excellent product to try if you have struggled with ways to get rid of nail fungus in the past.

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