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OMG Medical Group Nail MD Spray and Lacquer set seems to be an effective treatment in combating bacterial and fungal infections that contains FDA approved ingredients

OMG Nail MD® Spray Review

OMG Medical Group Nail MD® Spray is an Antifungal and Antibacterial Spray that helps to combat bacteria in your shoes, gloves and clothes you wear. On their official source site they advise users to combine the spray with the Nail MD® Nail Lacquer System to help eliminate and prevent nail fungus and bacterial infections.

The spray is used to prevent contamination that takes place while wearing infected shoes, gloves and clothing. The spray holds a maximum strength ingredient that is registered with the FDA and safe to use with no side effects. While the Nail MD® Nail Lacquer System is used to treat the toe and finger nail from various types of fungal infections also approved by the FDA to be used on your nails where safety is concerned.


OMG Medical Group Nail MD® Spray is in a bluish 226 gram bottle with spray nozzle.

The active ingredients are:

Nail MD® Nail Lacquer System packaging consists of nail cleaner cream, nail brush and nail lacquer.

The active ingredients found in the complete package are 2% USP Miconazole nitrate to combat and cure topical antifungal.


The Spray should only be used on your shoes, gloves and clothing by following these instructions; shake the bottle before use, clean all your footwear, gloves and clothing, and spray a layer of the product into the desired footwear and clothing and allow drying. It is recommended that you should use the product, especially after wearing footwear.

Shake the cleaner cream bottle before applying to the infected areas. Clean your nails daily with the cleaner, this ensures that your nails are prepared for the coat of lacquer and removes the previously coated lacquer applied to the nails. The cream should be applied all over the entire surface of the nail. Use the included brush to scrub your nails for 30 seconds. Rinse off the remaining cream and dry.

Shake the bottle and apply the lacquer to your infected nails twice a day, by using the applicator brush attached to the bottle cap. The lacquer must be applied evenly over and under the entire nail and surrounding skin. Allow the treatment to dry, before putting on your socks and shoes. It is advised that you should remove all damaged nail and skin once a week.

*No side effects are known by using the product.


The treatment can be bought directly from the supplier; the spray will cost you $24.95 and the Nail Lacquer set will cost $79.95.

There is no user feedback available on the official site to be able to see if the product works as advertised.


OMG offers their customers with a 30 day money back guarantee from the date of your purchase. The supplier must be contacted to receive advice on how to resend the unused portion of the treatment.

OMG Nail MD® Spray Conclusion

OMG Medical Group Nail MD® Spray and Lacquer set seems to be an effective treatment in combating bacterial and fungal infections that contains FDA approved ingredients, with a guarantee it is sure to be a great seller for future clients. However the lack of customer feedback is required for any potential buyer, as this provides them with information to ensure that the product does work.

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