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Though NailRENEW provides a fast acting formula, the product is rather costly.

NailRENEW™ Review

This product is a nail fungus treatment which promises to clear fungus more efficiently than any other competitive brand. In a matter of weeks, NailRENEW™ will help you recover your nails’ health by killing all fungus. However, one question remains: is NailRENEW worth your money and time?


NailRENEW’ main active ingredient is a clinically tested and FDA approved component that has been proved to work quickly and efficiently.

  • Toflatate is this product’s main active ingredient. Developed by scientists in the 60’s, Toflatate is one of the leading antifungal treatments. This ingredient penetrates the nails and kills fungus at its very source, and, at the same time, ensures that no more fungus grows.
  • Peg 8: a version of polyethylene glycol, Peg 8 is responsible for allowing Toflatate to penetrate the nails more efficiently.
  • Aloe Vera: this ingredient is responsible for moisturizing the nails, thus ensuring that they don’t dry, thus becoming a hotbed for even more fungus.


The product must be applied to the affected nail once or twice a day, until symptoms disappear, or the whole bottle is used. Symptoms normally disappear within 1-2 weeks, and the nail regrowth happens in around 1-2 months. The recovery time is rather quick.

Side Effects

Some users have experienced discoloration or irritation of the nail bed and the surrounding skin area.


NailRENEW can be purchased from numerous domestic vendors, and can currently be shipped outside the U.S. If bought from its manufacturer, customers are provided with a 60 day money-back warranty, which practically allows them to use the product for two months without having to worry about the product’s cost if it doesn’t work as expected. In addition, if bought from the manufacturer, customers can purchase two bottles and get an additional free one for $99.95.


The answer is YES. The product’s manufacturers offer a 60 days money back guarantee.

NailRENEW™ Review Conclusion

Though NailRENEW provides a fast acting formula, the product is rather costly. There are other available products on the market that provide similar fast effects but at much affordable prices.

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