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NO2 Red Extreme is a pill-based workout dietary supplement that delivers that desired nitric oxide rush. It helps reduce muscle soreness and the recovery time after a strenuous workout.

MRI NO2 Red Extreme Review

This review will examine the ingredients, working mechanism, benefits, warnings, dosage and other issues associated with NO2 Red Extreme. The pill based product is an effective muscle booster. It contains natural elements, nutrients, and enzymes that promote nitric acid production and expulsion from the body. For weightlifters and trainers who wish to gain maximum benefits from each workout, NO2 Red Extreme is the solution. It is ideal for use by men and women. This product does not contain lactose, yeast, artificial preservatives or gluten and is suitable for vegetarians.


The main active ingredients include:

  • L-Arginine– Creatine synthesis that leads to increased energy and reduced recovery time.
  • Alpha-ketoglutarate- Promotes nitric oxide promotion.
  • OAKG- Promotes muscle growth and stamina.
  • Niacin– Water soluble vitamins that are vasodilators of blood vessels.

Other ingredients include:

We did not find the role of some of the ingredients, even from the manufacturer’s website.

This pill-based supplement helps prolong workouts, promote the growth of muscle tissues, increase energy level and decrease fat content, enhance libido and increase blood circulation. The pills have been scientifically formulated to boost energy levels, endurance, intensity and focus during workouts. Athletes and sports enthusiasts can have strenuous sessions without feeling exhausted. The use of natural elements makes it safe to consume without negative side effects.


NO2 Red Extreme is consumed as a dietary supplement. Take two capsules, three times a day. Advanced users can consume three pills three times a day. Other users will prefer three capsules twice a day. For best results, take 2-3 pills, 30-60 minutes before training. Evenly space the remaining 1-2 tablets throughout the day. For the non-training days, have the first pill in the morning and evenly spread the remaining pills in the course of the day. The manufacturer recommends that you take the pills 30 minutes before any meal.

Based on our research, as long as the user does not exceed six pills or 9 pills (advanced users) in a day, the dosage is effective. Store the pills away from light, moisture, and children. Not ideal for pregnant and lactating women, or people with medical conditions such as hypertension, allergies to citrus fruits, milk, or arginine or someone with a history of cold sores.


NO2 Red Extreme 150 Caplets sell at $22.99 inclusive of free shipping. It is available online and at stores.


After thorough research, we did not find any credible information about its money-back guarantee.

NO2 Red Extreme Review- Conclusion

NO2 Red Extreme is a pill-based workout dietary supplement that delivers that desired nitric oxide rush. It helps reduce muscle soreness and the recovery time after a strenuous workout. Its ingredients are tested and tried. It helps trigger muscle growth during high-intensity training. Aside from promoting muscle growth, boosting stamina, and elevating energy levels, this product improves sexual performance of the user. The positive reviews and testimonials clearly show that the product is effective. The manufacturer states that this product is lactose-free. However, the product reacts adversely to anyone with milk allergies. Our research revealed a special warning to California residents on the using this product, which states that NO2 Red Extreme contains a carcinogenic substance that causes birth and reproductive defects.

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