Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100 Review

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In our review of Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100, we found some interesting results concerning the benefits and potential limitations.

Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100 Review

What is Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100?

The following review investigates the healthcare supplement, Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100. It consists of Calamarine oil obtained from squid as its main fish source, it offers 350 mg of DHA and 200 mg of EPA. While most fish oil products focus on joint and cognitive health, this product incorporates CoQ 10, a powerful antioxidant known to support optimum cardiovascular health by regulating triglyceride levels and minimizing bad cholesterol. CoQ10 is beneficial to slow down the progression of the aging process while still stimulating cellular development. Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100 has been created by a certified cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra. The following detailed examination of its ingredients, costs and guarantee can help you make an informed wellness decision when choosing this omega-3 supplement or others on the market.


  • Calamarine Oil Concentrate (squid source)
  • L-Carnitine
  • Hydro Q-Sorb Coenzyme Q10 as Ubiquinone
  • Trans Resveratrol
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Vitamin B12

Calamarine oil (1250 mg) derived from squid is a concentrated source of Omega-3 fatty acids containing EPA 200 mg and DHA 350 mg. it assists in cell renewal, joint strength, and cardiovascular health. L-Carnitine decreases fatigue and encourages fat loss. Coenzyme Q 10 in combination with Resveratrol is important to maintain vascular balance and lower bad cholesterol levels. Sunflower seed oil is a good source of Omega-3 and vitamin E for healthy skin, hair and nails.


Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100 contains 60 capsules and covers a single month supply. A general dosage includes 2 capsules per day to be taken with meals to prevent digestive sensitivity. For extra support, 2 capsules can be taken twice a day. No further information is provided on the recommended dose to manage specific physical and emotional conditions. Our review of Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100 found that the dose of 2 capsules of fish oil per day is sufficient in the maintenance of general wellness.

What is the Cost?

One bottle of Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100 contains 60 capsules which can be bought on the manufacturer’s website for $49.99, purchase 3 bottles and get 1 free for $149.97, while 5 bottles of 60 capsules each will cost $249.95 plus 2 free products. A special offer is available when placing an online order for automatic delivery including a 20% discount and free shipping. Prices may differ when purchasing from alternative online and store-based retailers. Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100 is generally more expensive compared to other omega-3 products on the market.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

A 100% money back guarantee is provided for all customers who are less than satisfied with a product. The company stands behind its quality promise, providing consumers the chance to return supplements for any reason within a 90 day period from the date of purchase. You will be eligible for a full refund of the item’s price. An address is provided online for returns and shipping information.

Our Final Review of Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100

In our review of Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus 100, we found some interesting results concerning the benefits and potential limitations. We liked that it supports healthy cholesterol ratios, healthy blood pressure, and healthy aging and that it does not produce fishy burps. Customer testimonials provided on the company’s website, all indicated positive results after using the products (to be expected) while alternative reviews on major retail sites claimed that this product is too expensive and does not produce the same health results for all the people. The recommended dose is provided by Dr. Sinatra, but specific maintenance for physical conditions is not determined. Although it contains a good source of fish oil, the amount of EPA and DHA contained falls way below what is cited in clinical studies as ideal.

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