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As a joint health supplement, Omega XL consists of EPA and DHA and also tends to combine the power of about thirty other fatty acids together.

Great HealthWorks Omega XL Review

This is a review for a product called Omega XL. It is designed to help alleviate inflammation and joint pain. The manufacturer claims that unlike other products of its kind, this nutritional supplement contains a patented oil marine complex OIL PCSO-524 extracted from the Green Lipped Mussel from the pristine waters of New Zealand and does not have the common side effects of the standard fish oils, thereby making it stand out as unique. This product which is not available in stores is manufactured by Great Healthworks; it is sold through the company’s website. There is a video on the website that describes how the product is made. But you can also read this review to learn more about this product.


  • Perna Canaliculus PCSO-524 patented oil extract
  • Natural monounsaturated olive oil
  • Vitamin E

This omega-3 joint health supplement contains a patented blend of over thirty fatty acids including EPA and DHA which have proven records of treating inflammation throughout the body and which are also aimed at reducing aches and pains for improved joint health.


According to the product’s website, it is recommended to take one Omega XL capsule twice a day before any benefits can be observed. Its manufacturer also claims that the product is safe to take for people with shellfish allergies as it has no side effects or drug interactions. This dosage is acceptable but may be quite on the high side.


Individuals can buy the 60 capsule package of Omega XL from the official product website for $59. They can get a second bottle for free with their first order. These prices also include free shipping. Buyers can also purchase Omega XL from Amazon for a higher price. As soon as you place your order, you will be immediately enrolled into the autoship program of the company. To this end, your credit card will be charged $60.90 (plus handling and shipping) once every month and you will be sent a fresh 30-day supply of the product. So, bear this in mind.


Beginning from the day your order is placed, a 90-day refund policy is initiated. Note that no refunds will be honored after this 90-day period. In order to claim it or cancel your autoship program, you must contact customer service.


As a joint health supplement, Omega XL consists of EPA and DHA and also tends to combine the power of about thirty other fatty acids together. This “super fish oil” supplement claims to have no known drug interactions, comes with no fishy aftertaste, contains no harmful PCBs or toxins, and it is all natural. However, the high price of this nutritional supplement has been one of the major downsides, as well as its inability to work effectively as bitterly complained by several customers on various retailer sites.

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