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The cost of $63.98 together with the high shipping prices for a supply of 60 softgel capsules, is very high when compared the market related price of other supplements.

Minami MorDHA Prenatal Review

MorEPA Plus is an Omega-3 supplement manufactured by Minami’s Premium Omega-3. It provides 915mg of Omega 3 (635mg EPA and 195mg DHA) per softgel, and it has an extremely high concentration of Omega-3 – 92% Omega 3.  This high content is only achievable by making use of the patented Super-critical CO2 extraction process. MorEPA Plus offers a fresh orange taste and guarantees that there will be no unpleasant fishy aftertaste.  This highly quality supplement is recommended for those who are looking to maintain a healthy heart and to support a normal brain function and retain healthy vision.


MorEPA is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Lipids – 1.0 grams,
  • Monounsaturated fat – 20 mg maximum,
  • Polyunsaturated fat – 930 mg,
  • Omega-3 fatty acid including EPA and DHA – 915 mg,
  • Other Omega-3 fatty acids – 85 mg,
  • Antioxidant – MIRADOXAN, a balanced mix of rosemary and tocopherols extracts, these ingredients are responsible for the freshness that’s found in the range of Minami supplements.


The recommended dosage is one to four softgels each day with a meal.


One can expect to pay $63.98 for 60 softgel capsules, this would equate to a 15 to 60 day supply dependant on the daily dosage that is taken. The price is not inclusive of shipping, which can work out to as much as $42.66 to ship the supplement to the United States.


The only contact phone number that is available is a contact number in Belgium along with links to websites which offers a description on products which are available in the United States and the UK, specifically. During the research, there was no information relating to a guarantee or the process that would apply should a buyer not be satisfied with the purchase of the product.

Conclusion – Minami MorDHA Prenatal

The cost of $63.98 together with the high shipping prices for a supply of 60 softgel capsules, is very high when compared the market related price of other supplements.  The only need to pay this high price is if a potential buyer believes that this product can offer better results than locally produced supplements.  However, with so many locally available supplements available, there is no reason why a U.S. vendor marketing similar products, should not be relied upon.

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