Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 fish oil supplement

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Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 contains a powerful dose of omega 3 that will help consumers with brain function and will promote a healthy heart.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure Review

This is a review of Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 which is a supplement that was produced by some scientists who are affiliated with Yale University. The purpose of Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 is to provide people with more omega-3 on a daily basis since most people do not seem to get a sufficient amount of omega-3 in their regular diet. This product supposedly helps to promote healthy brain function and a healthy heart. It is also known to regulate a proper inflammation response in the body and keeps muscles mobile.


The website for Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 states that it supposedly contains omega-3 in its purest form with 1500 mg per dose. But then the website shows an ingredient box that mentions that it also has some Vitamin E. And to be more specific, omega-3 is composed of two ingredients. These ingredients are listed as being eicosapentaenoic acid which is abbreviated as (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid which is abbreviated as (DHA).


The website shows a picture of a box with the number of 60 tablets in it. The dosage is mentioned as being 2 tablets per dose once daily, which means that there are thus 30 portions of Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 per box.

The premise is that taking 2 soft gel tablets will deliver to the individual 1500 mg of pure omega-3. But what is a concern somewhat is the fact that the amount of Vitamin E and the exact amounts of (EPA) and (DHA) are not listed.


One box of Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 will cost $47.95 to purchase online. But it seems to be a better deal to buy three boxes at once, which will cause the price per box of Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 to be $31.97. And the good news is that there is free shipping when you purchase 3 boxes. But there does not seem to be free shipping if you purchase only 1 box. There are yet, even more, savings to be had if you purchase 6 boxes. Also, there is free shipping.


There seems to be no guarantee listed on the manufacturer’s website. This is a serious concern for us regarding this product. There is no mention of a money back guarantee and no mention of how to return the product if you are unhappy with it.

Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 Review – Conclusion

Omax Ultra-Pure Omega-3 contains a powerful dose of omega 3 that will help consumers with brain function and will promote a healthy heart. It is also good for helping consumers with issues regarding inflammation in the body and to keep muscles mobile. However, it is disconcerting somewhat that the exact amount of Vitamin E, EPA, and DHA are not listed. Also, there is no guarantee for this product provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, there are no written customer reviews on the site.

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