Synergy Blends Omega 3 Review

Pauline Strauss

Omega-3 is necessary for the optimal functioning of the human body.  Omega 3 Capsules Fish oil supplement are able to assist the body combat the symptoms of certain allergies. In addition, Omega-3 has been proven to be vital in helping to reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar and cholesterol and also enhance cardiovascular health.  Omega-3 is not produce by the body and in order to receive the value of the fatty acids, one should enjoy a diet which is high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids.  However, most modern diets are greatly lacking in Omega-3 and for this reason many manufacturers have created dietary supplements which contain varying quantities of Omega-3.  Although there are several dietary supplements on the market, supplements are not created equal and buyers should ensure that the supplement they choose, is able to meet their needs.


During the research that was conducted on product, there was no information relating to the ingredients contained in Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements, other than the product contained fish oil.


Although extensive research was conducted, no information could be found on the recommended daily dosage.


The cost for to purchase 120 capsules is $28.00.  In addition to the cost for the supplement, the minimum shipping charge is $10.50 per bottle.


When assessing a product, it is important to find out about the guarantee that is offered when buying a product.  During the research, it was found that the vendor will accept unopened returns up to a maximum of 30 days after purchase. A customer service contact number is displayed, which gives buyers the ability to obtain additional information relating to the product and the vendor.

Conclusion – Synergy Blends Omega 3

Since there was virtually no information about the ingredients of the product or any information relating detailing the daily dosage, it is hard to come to a final conclusion about this product.  If you are thinking about buying this product, you are advised to contact the supplier directly for more information about the product. Another recommendation would be for a healthcare professional to review the product before buying.  This would mean making a call to the customer service to obtain the necessary information.

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