Vita Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement

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When you considering the price paid for a 6 month supply, the product is certainly affordable.

Vita Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil Review

Omega 3 is the ultimate product that will allow you stay in peak condition. The Fish Oil is manufactured in America and contains 800mg EPA and 400mg DHA 180 Softgels.  You can Improve your health with the premium quality Omega-3 products.  Omega-3 fatty acids is the good fat which is present in cold-water fish types,  and also in various plants and nuts.


Omega-3 is manufactured in an FDA-registered lab and is 100% pure.  This means that it comprises of 800mg EPA and 600Mmg DHA including 100mg of vital fatty acids. EPA and DHA are the fundamental active compounds present in Omega-3, and it’s been shown to lower bad triglyceride levels in the blood system and increase mental functioning. A high quality supplement, should always have the following:

  • Contain no less than 800mg EPA & 600mg DHA per serving.
  • Contain fish oil produced from high quality deep sea fish, and not derived from farm raised fish.
  • The supplement need to be molecularly distilled to allow for pureness and to increase potency and should contain no dioxins, PCBS, mercury and any types of manufacturing contaminants.
  • A daily dosage should have 1500mg of Omega-3 (1 capsule, twice per day).


The daily dosage of 1500mg is optimal. When purchasing Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements, it’s vital to ensure that the oils are sourced from fish fished from deep ocean waters and not from farm raised fish.


The top seller is the 6 month supply of Omega 3 Fish oil, which equates to just $23.00 per bottle, or a total price of $138.00.  However, in a bid to allow prospective buyers to enjoy the very best results offered by this health-boosting product, the suppliers offer several pricing options.  For instance, for a month supply of 100% pure premium Omega-3 can be purchased for just $49.95.  All orders can be placed via the website.


A 90 day money back guarantee is offered.  The guarantee is simple, if the product does not deliver as promised, a full refund will be paid.

Conclusion – Vita Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil

When you considering the price paid for a 6 month supply, the product is certainly affordable. What’s more considering the fact that no prescription is required when placing an order, interested parties will not be taking a major risk should they decide to give the product a try. It is however, always a wise idea for a medical expert to evaluate the product and its health benefits.

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