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One good thing about OmegaVia Fish Oil is that it is enteric-coated, thereby reducing the odor. It can also be a good alternative instead of taking drugs with unknown ingredients

OmegaVia Fish Oil Review

Surely, each one of us needs some form of protection against various diseases for better health – and this product aims to address that. The following review is about OmegaVia Fish Oil Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 to find out whether this product can live up to its expectations.


Here’s what’s inside every pill:

  • Omega-3 – 1,105mg
  • EPA – 780mg
  • DHA – 260mg
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Kosher and Halal gelatin capsule
  • Plant-derived food glaze
  • Rosemary extract to keep the pills fresh
  • Natural sunflower tocopherols

The Omega-3 in this supplement is derived from mackerel, anchovies, and sardines. Omega-3, which you can get from fatty fish, is good for your health. Unfortunately, any alterations to its components could mean your body may respond differently to it instead of how it is evolved to process fatty acids.


The number of tablets you should take depends on the specific health condition you want to address. To maintain optimum triglyceride levels, three to four softgels a day is recommended. Take two softgels a day if you want to boost your heart health and improve your mood, and two to four softgels a day for joint health. For general health, it is recommended to take one softgel a day.

More importantly, do not take more than four soft gels a day unless required by your doctor.


A bottle of OmegaVia Fish Oil, which contains 60 pills, costs $34.69 directly from the manufacturer’s website. You can purchase it online where the more you buy, the higher the discount will be. If you buy two bottles, you can get a 14% discount (and save as much as $5) while three or more bottles will give you a 17% discount.

If you want to save more, you can subscribe and get your fish oil supply for only $26.89. When you do this, the product will be automatically shipped to you each month. The manufacturer offers free shipping, regardless of how many bottles you buy, although you have to be in the US to avail of this freebie.


What if you are not satisfied with their product?

Thankfully, OmegaVia offers a 100% money back guarantee. They will refund the full purchase price of your first bottle as long as you return it within 90 days of purchase.

Again, you can only enjoy this guarantee if you reside in the US. If you are from a different country, this guarantee won’t apply.

OmegaVia Fish Oil Review – Conclusion

One good thing about OmegaVia Fish Oil is that it is enteric-coated, thereby reducing the odor. It can also be a good alternative instead of taking drugs with unknown ingredients as all the ingredients are listed on the product. However, this product has some ingredients added to it to keep the freshness, such as rosemary extract and natural sunflower tocopherols. These may reduce the efficiency of the Omega-3, as it is not longer a pure form of Omega-3. The money-back guarantee is also not so clear if it will apply to bottles that you bought in the bulk purchase packages.

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