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This product has all the ideal certifications to make it super credible. This is very good and this product comes highly recommended.

Innovix Labs Omega-3 Review

Innovix Labs have developed Triple Strength Omega-3 which is a concentrate of superior quality fish oil.  As opposed to regular Omega-3 supplements, one triple strength Omega-3 pill contains three times the amount of fish oil.  Due to this, consumers will only need a single pill to enjoy the wealth of benefits offered by Omega-3.  Those suffering from heart ailments, or joint pains will instantly enjoy the benefits of Triple Strength Omega-3.  The capsules are guaranteed to be burp and odour free, as well as free from mercury.


Before deciding to invest in a health and body supplement, buyers need to be aware of what goes into the supplement and how it is manufactured. Triple-Strength Omega-3 fatty acids, contains:

  • Triple Strength Fish Oil (75% Omega-3)
  • Total Omega-3+ (900mg)
  • EPA Omega-3 (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) – 552mg
  • DHA Omega-3 – 228mg
  • Other Omega-3, 60mg
  • Purified water and mixed natural tocopherols.

The oil source found in the high potency capsules has been sourced from wild caught and MSC Certified Sustainable Alaskan Whiting and Pollok.  Once must bear in mind that those who have an allergy to fish must not take fish oil supplements.


To enjoy optimal results, it is recommended that 1500mgs of Omega-3 is consumed per day.   Owing to the triple strength of the pill, it is suggested that one capsule be taken twice per day.  To improve the efficiency of the supplement, it is advisable to take the capsule 30 minutes before eating.  When making a purchase, bear in mind that one bottle will be sufficient for one month.


At present, the cost of the Triple Strength Omega-3 is sold for $29.99.  At this price, you can expect to pay $0.15 per capsule and if you order exceeds $35.00, the Triple Strength Omega-3 capsules will be shipped free of charge.  Usually the product is sold for $37.99, therefore by placing an order today, you can expect to save up to 21%.


Unlike other vendors, the supplier of the Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil, does not offer a money back guarantee.   There are several customer reviews on the website, which may give prospective buyers a better idea of the vendor and the effectiveness of the product.   The product is manufactured in the United State and all batches are verified by a third party testing and have IFOS 5 Star Certification.

Conclusion – Innovix Labs Omega-3

This product has all the ideal certifications to make it super credible. This is very good and this product comes highly recommended. However, even though this is the case, they spoil all these good qualities with the lack of a guarantee.

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