HP8 Herbal Prostate Support Formula Review

Jenny Michelle

In the following review, we provide detailed information on HP8 Herbal Prostate Support Formula. The manufacturer claims that this all-natural product will support prostate function and improve overall health. They argue that this product will work immediately, produce desired results, have no negative side effects and adheres to strict manufacturing guidelines. We have analyzed this product’s ability to meet these claims and more information can be found below.


  • Selenium
  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Willow Herb
  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Bromelain
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Grape Skin Powder
  • Wild Rosella Calyx
  • Passion Fruit Powder

These natural ingredients provide a number of health benefits and improve the function of the prostate. The manufacturer argues that these ingredients work harmoniously together to produce desired results. They provide essential antioxidants, boost hormone function, prevent prostate cancer and improve digestion.


As a dietary supplement, two (2) capsule should be taken per day. For optimal results, users should take four (4) capsules per day. The times at which this product should be taken and whether or not to consume it with food are not stipulated. The ingredients listed can have negative side effects such as increased blood pressure. Users that are currently on medication should consult their health practitioner before using this product and this may hinder the ability to take the recommended dosage. This should be considered before making a purchase.


This product can be purchased online through third-party sites such as Amazon. A bottle of 70 capsules can be bought for $49.95. Considering the required dosage for optimal results, this is significantly more expensive than alternative products. The long-term use of this product may prove extremely costly. A single bottle of this product may only last up to 18 days. The inconvenience of having to purchase this product frequently needs to be considered. Though free shipping applies, there is a lack of purchasing options available to the consumer.


There is no money-back guarantee to support this product which raises major concerns regarding its efficacy. We were unable to find information on the manufacturer’s return policy which further brings to question the ability of this product to produce desired results. There is a lack of customer reviews online which suggests that this may be an unpopular product. Without further reviews, we cannot accurately ascertain this product’s ability to meet claims and improve prostate health. Individual testing would need to be conducted to determine its effectiveness.

HP8 Herbal Prostate Support Formula Review – Conclusion

This product includes several beneficial ingredients that promote prostate health. In optimal doses, these ingredients can support prostate function, reduce swelling and relieve associated pain. The detailed information regarding the effectiveness of these ingredients is an appealing selling point. However, without the security of a guarantee and positive feedback from other customers, it is difficult to measure its effectiveness. This combined with the significantly high price are the main reasons that we cannot recommend this product. A more affordable alternative with a proven track record should be considered before making a purchase.

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