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The company behind Piping Rock Raspberry Ketones make honest claims about their products and do not try to oversell.

Piping Rock Raspberry Ketones Review

We have heard a lot of news about raspberry ketones lately and one product that came to our attention was Piping Rock Raspberry Ketones so we decided to review it.

We love fruit and although it is a popular diet food for many, is there a way to get benefits of this berry without the sugar content? Many would think not, but Piping Rock Raspberry Ketones say their product can help control your metabolism and help with weight management.

Can one supplement do so much? Only one way to find out and that is by taking a closer look.


The only active ingredient is 500mg of raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones have been a bit of a gimmick in the fitness industry for a few years now. Ketones are known to extract the fat from stored fat cells and burn them up as fuel.


It is recommended to take one capsule, twice a day, with a meal. This will give you a daily serving of 1000mg as each capsule contains 500mg of raspberry ketones. If you experience any adverse reactions, you should stop using this product. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any other medications, it is advised to speak to your doctor before taking this supplement.


One bottle costs $13.39 for 120 capsules. This price is marked down to $9.99, which is very cheap for a product of this kind. You can also save 25% if you buy two bottles in one order and only pay $19.99 – marked down from the price of $26.69. This low price may indicate a lower quality product – the manufacturer has not stated where their raspberry ketones are derived from and if they are from natural sources or if they are synthetic.


Domestic returns from customers inside the US have a full year to return the unused part of the product for a refund. International orders have only one month to return the bottle and you can only do so with unopened bottles if you wish to get your money back.

Piping Rock Raspberry Ketones Review – Conclusion

The company behind Piping Rock Raspberry Ketones make honest claims about their products and do not try to oversell. We could not find any outlandish claims that we usually come across. The dosage is also pretty standard for a product of this kind. However, the manufacturer has provided very little information about this product and where the raspberry ketones are sourced from. Only ketones sourced from real raspberries are found to be the most effective and the safest. The price of this product may indicate that this product is of an inferior quality. We think it’s better to look for a product from a manufacturer that is more open about the details of their product.

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