Raspberry Key supplement Review

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Raspberry Key is one of the best raspberry ketone extract supplement around. It has doctor-recommended potency and purity.

Raspberry Key Review

This reviews the merits of Raspberry Key. Unlike many similar raspberry ketone extract supplements, Raspberry Key meets the exacting standards needed to fully enjoy the advantages this supplement provides towards controlling weight. It is made only from natural ingredients without any binders or fillers to dilute its formulation. Read on and learn more about what makes Raspberry Key an excellent choice.


Natural raspberry ketone extract is the only ingredient in this product. It comes from actual red raspberries. Other similar supplements, however, use extracts synthesized raspberries, made in a laboratory to meet the optimum amount per serving.

There are no fillers or binders added. Furthermore, each capsule is made from vegetables making Raspberry Key an all-natural supplement. This is based on the statements of a famous doctor on television regarding what constitutes the best formulation for a raspberry ketone extract supplement.


Based on research, the effective dose is 1,000 mg per day regularly. Thus, two 500 mg capsules should be taken daily, preferably one in the morning and one in the afternoon 30 minutes before a meal.

Possible Side Effects

Raspberry ketone extracts can lower blood sugar level and cause the heart to palpitate. Caution should be exercised by people with diabetes or a condition affecting the cardiovascular system.

It may also have an impact on the effect of medicines used to control weight, heart rate, and regulate the body’s hormonal levels. People with the above conditions or taking the medication mentioned earlier should talk to their doctor first before buying the product.

There is currently no finding or study delving into the adverse effects of this supplement. It is strongly suggested that children under the age of 18, pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their doctor before trying this supplement.


Each bottle contains 60 servings of 500 milligrams per serving. This is equivalent to one month’s supply of the supplement. Its regular price is $49.95. There are three other purchase options to choose from with increasingly better value for the customer.

The three-bottle package costs $89.85. The four-bottle package costs only $99, lower by $25 compared to the regular price. This second option is available for a limited time only.

The purchase option with the best value, though, is the six-bottle package. It costs only $137.70, which is like buying three bottles at a lower cost than the regular price and getting an additional three bottles for free as well.

Orders made before 10 a.m. EST will be shipped within 24 hours. Orders made on the weekend will be shipped on Monday. Regular delivery is via US Post and may take up to five days. There is an option for express delivery via FedEx or UPS. Orders from outside the US may take a little longer. All orders are discreetly packaged to ensure customer privacy.


Each purchase comes with a 60-day guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied, he or she may return the opened and unopened bottles and ask for a full refund or a partial refund (does not include shipping cost). The customer simply has to call the product’s customer care hotline, 888-434-0909, and ask for a Return Number, an RMA#.

Simply sending back the package and placing a “Return to sender” on it will not do. Only returned packages with RMA#s will be processed and receive refunds.

Conclusion – Raspberry Key

Raspberry Key is one of the best raspberry ketone extract supplement around. It has doctor-recommended potency and purity. It has no laboratory synthesized ingredients and is made solely from natural red raspberries.

Its six-bottle package costs considerably less than competitors selling similarly pure and potent raspberry ketone supplements. Add this to its 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and the product becomes a very attractive buy.

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