Allactive Antifungal Cream for Ringworm

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There are a great many antifungal creams and ointments on the market. Most of them contain Miiconazole Nitrate 2%. So what, if anything, makes Allactive’s antifungal cream different?

Allactive Antifungal Cream Review

This is a review of Allactive’s Antifungal Cream treatment which has been formulated for the relief of the main kinds of Ringworm including tinea corporis, tinea capitis, tinea pedis (Athlete’s Foot), and Jock Itch (tinea cruris).

Ringworm is a fungal infection. It’s contagious and can be passed from one person to another. It causes a scaly, crusted rash that sometimes appears as round, red patches on the skin – hence the name ringworm – but it has nothing to do with worms.

Sometimes, ringworm can result in patches of hair loss or scaling on the scalp. It almost always causes itching and can also result in blister-like lesions.

As a fungus, Ringworm usually responds well to anti-fungal creams and ointments. One of the most popular ingredients found in anti-fungal creams is Miconazole Nitrate in a 2% strength. This is the main ingredient in Allactive Antifungal Cream. Because of the addition of Emu Oil, this particular preparation is said to deliver fast relief.


Miconazole, which is widely used to treat all kinds of fungal skin infections works by preventing the growth of fungus.

Emu oil, which is drawn from the underskin fat of the Australian bird, is easily absorbed by the skin and helps to carry the active antifungal directly through the skin to the source of the problem. Emu oil can also help to lock in skin moisture, making it less prone to cracking and drying out, a common side effect of a fungus infection.


We were unable to find any information about how much, or how frequently, you should apply Allactive Antifungal Cream.

As a general rule for Miiconazole Nitrate 2% products, you should apply the medication to skin that is clean and dry at least twice a day. Apply enough to cover the affected area and some of the surrounding skin. Once it has been applied, wash your hands. There is no need to wrap, cover or bandage the area unless you are told to do so by a doctor.


Stock of Allactive Antifungal Cream was unavailable at the time of writing this review. As a result, we were unable to determine a price for the 1fl oz (30ml) container.


We were unable to find any information about a guarantee from the manufacturer, but as the manufacturer does not supply the product directly, this is not unexpected. Our recommendation is that before you purchase the product from an online retailer, you check out their returns policy.

Allactive Antifungal Cream Review – Conclusion

There are a great many antifungal creams and ointments on the market. Most of them contain Miconazole Nitrate 2%. So what, if anything, makes Allactive’s antifungal cream different? Possibly, the addition of Emu Oil which helps with the absorption of the active ingredient enables it to work faster than its competitors. We cannot say as we were unable to find any customer reviews on the product – not one.

In fact, there was a distinct lack of any information about the product – such as where it is manufactured or under what kind of conditions. With so many other antifungal products on the market, it might be an idea to rather opt for one that offers more assurances and information.

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