Gold Source Labs Pure Saffron Standardized Extract Review

Albert Davidoff

Gold Source Labs saffron extract is a weight loss pill that helps naturally curb your appetite while raising serotonin levels in your brain, assisting you in feeling calm and happy. This review examines the efficacy of Gold Source Labs Pure Saffron Standardized Extract. Many people who suffer from depression often overeat in times of stress, so taking saffron will help both with the depression and the ravenous appetite that goes along with it.



  • Saffron extract complex
  • Saffron powder (non-GMO)
  • Saffron extract Safanal


  • Rice flour
  • Vegetable cellulose
  • Silica

Our research confirms that especially with saffron capsules, other ingredients included in the capsule are worse for you. Other synthetic ingredients and lower levels of saffron show signs that the product will be ineffectual. The addition of rice flour could alter the efficacy of the ingredients and result in a bigger appetite.

Saffron is the number one natural ingredient used to curb your appetite. However, other weight loss pills on the market contain 400mg of saffron, whereas Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract contains only 88.25 mg. You can learn more about the dosage below.


To take Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract, take one tablet twice a day with food. It suggests you should wait two months until you start seeing a change.

As we said before, Gold Source Labs Pure Saffron Standardized Extract capsules only contain 88.25 mg of saffron. Other diet pills on the market contain 400 mg of pure saffron and are proven to be more effective. Perhaps this pill will slightly curb your appetite, but other products with twice as much saffron would stop both cravings and hunger pangs.


Gold Source Labs Pure Saffron Standardized Extract can be purchased online for $17.97 or more on Amazon. No special offers or sale prices are available from Gold Source Labs.


There is no guarantee offered by Gold Source Labs. This raises concerns about the quality of these saffrons pills. A company that can stand behind its products would have no problem setting up a 100% guarantee for a full return of bottles if the supplement is not effective. Other products have a 90-day guarantee and allow a customer to return opened or even empty bottles.

Gold Source Labs Pure Saffron Standardized Extract Review – Conclusion

Pure Saffron Standardized Extract is an effective product that contains a natural solution to weight loss. It has pure saffron extract that is non-GMO. This is a healthy and reliable way to help you lose weight. Studies have proven that saffron is a great way to improve your mood and suppress your urge to eat too much.

To our dismay, there is no guarantee for this product. There are many products on the market that provide a full refund for up to three months after purchasing the product. There is also a smaller amount of saffron inside the capsules compared to other products out there. Appetite suppressants are proven to be less effective the smaller the amount of saffron that appears in the capsule.

Most of the customer reviews we have found are mostly positive, but the peppering of the negative comments was quite alarming. Some people stated that their appetite actually increased after taking these pills, while others claimed that the supplements had no effect whatsoever.

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