Triderma Scar Block for Scar Removal

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In theory, the silicone-based ingredients should work to break down scar tissue and heal rough or discoloured skin very effectively, especially if applied soon after the incident causing the scar.

Triderma Scar Block Review

Scars can make you feel quite self-conscious, especially if they’re on a part of your body that’s often exposed, such as acne scars on your face or scars on your limbs. Usually, the extent of the scarring depends on how deep the cut or laceration was. The body’s first response is to stem the bleeding sub-dermally, then to create a barrier of tough tissue so bacteria cannot penetrate and then to generate collagen. Collagen fibers are rough and uneven, and this is what gives the wound its uneven or raised appearance. Often it is red or pink, and there may be permanent discoloration.

Scar Block by Triderma is, as the name suggests, one of the many creams available on the market for treating scar tissue. Triderma touts its clear gel as easy to use and apply, and effective in breaking down existing scar tissue as well as minimizing new scars.


  • Dimethicone
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Silica
  • Aloe barbadensis (AP4 genuine virgin organic aloe vera) leaf extract

The important ingredient her is silica, a form of silicone. Silicone is frequently used in plastic surgery recovery, thanks to how effective it is as synthesizing collagen. As it normalizes the appearance of the new collagen, it helps the redness fade and dulls irritation. It tends to give you a smoother, less bumpy and more natural scar skin. The aloe in this formula consists of a natural, proprietary complex. It is packed with more than 200 healing properties – and we know that even ordinary aloe soothes and fights inflammation better than most other botanicals. It helps to reduce swelling, fight bacteria and also numb any associated pain such as tightness. Dimethicone is also silicone-based, and so is Cyclomethicone.


Apply generously to the affected area twice a day or more. Apply more often if you desire faster results. This gel is safe to use on children. It is free of irritants so also safe to apply on delicate and sensitive skin. The sooner you apply this after surgery, the less chance there is of scar tissue forming.


You can purchase a 1oz tube for $17.99 from the Triderma online store. Although it’s clear the manufacturer has sale specials, none were indicated on this product at the time we researched the information for this Scar Block review. Curiously, it retails for about $5 more on Amazon.


Triderma says it will replace, exchange or refund any product you are unhappy with, within 30 days of your purchase. This implies that partially used products are refundable as well.

Triderma Scar Block Review – Conclusion

In theory, the silicone-based ingredients should work to break down scar tissue and heal rough or discoloured skin very effectively, especially if applied soon after the incident causing the scar. It is gentle enough for everyone to use as it is free of irritants, and a medical-strength product. The alternative would be silicone patches, which could fall off, so the gel format is a good innovation. For all its solidness on the formula front though, it does not get stand out consumer reviews. We could not find a single five-star review, for example, which is extremely curious. It could be that as this is a bit of a nice product, not enough consumers are buying it. Smaller samples of reviews will of course lessen your chances of scoring a review homerun.

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