Avishi Organics Intensive Stretch Mark Oil for Stretch Marks

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In many ways, this product may seem an ideal choice. It contains an all-natural formula with many important ingredients for skin health.

Avishi Organics Intensive Stretch Mark Oil Review

This is a product review of Intensive Stretch Mark Oil by Avishi Organics. The manufacturer claims that this product provides a powerful and potent formula of skin-renewing ingredients. They state that it will minimize the prominence of stretch marks and scars as well as reduce the formation of new marks during pregnancy. These results are argued to be visible within 8 to 12 weeks of using the product. The following review will assess the reliability of these claims and accompanying customer support to determine if you should consider purchasing this product.


  • Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Helichrysum Italicum
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
  • Tamanu Oil
  • Borage Seed Oil
  • Gotu Kola
  • Macadamia Nut Oil

These essential oils provide a number of minerals, vitamins, and acids that have various health benefits for the skin. Sea Buckthorn Oil provides high concentrations of Vitamin A, C, and E. These vitamins are known to stimulate the firmness of skin cells, impact the synthesis of collagen for reduced wrinkles, and protect the skin from external aggressors respectively. Borage Seed Oil is a rich source of Gamma Linolenic Acid which is an active ingredient designed to restore moisture and accelerate healing of the skin. The other included essential oils play pivotal roles in improving skin elasticity, regenerating skin cells, and reducing inflammation associated with unhealthy skin. The ingredients supplied by this formula are positive to note, however, leading brands on the market include medical grade silicone in their formulas for additional benefits. These silicones play a crucial part in sealing in moisture for increased hydration.


Intensive Stretch Mark Oil should be applied twice daily. Users should massage this product into the affected area in a circular motion until it is absorbed into the skin. The manufacturer recommends applying this product for a minimum of 3 months. This is very concerning as this long-term use for optimal results could be an indication of an insufficiently dosed formula. It is difficult for us to accurately assess this as the manufacturer does not stipulate the concentrations of the key active ingredients.


You can purchase this product online from Avishi Organics for $38.50 per 100ml pump bottle. There are no discounts or bulk-buy deals to further encourage purchases of this product. The manufacturer does not indicate how long a bottle will last. This is very concerning as long-term use is required for best results. This could become extremely costly if the lifespan of each bottle is not substantial.


The manufacturer does not offer a guarantee on opened or used products. This is alarming as it indicates a lack of confidence in the product’s ability to reduce stretch marks. While there are a few positive reviews on the manufacturer’s website, these are screened by management before being uploaded to ensure a positive image of this product is presented to the public. There are insufficient customer reviews on third-party sites to accurately gauge product efficacy.

Avishi Organics Intensive Stretch Mark Oil Review – Conclusion

In many ways, this product may seem an ideal choice. It contains an all-natural formula with many important ingredients for skin health. A few positive customer reviews indicate that it may deliver on the manufacturer’s claims. However, these customer reviews are not an accurate reflection of the product’s effectiveness as management has posted only the best reviews on their website. The lack of guarantee for this product means that you cannot be sure of its efficacy. Lastly, the expensive price tag would mean that long-term use could become too costly to maintain for optimal benefit. Therefore, we recommend seeking a more affordable and clinically-proven formula for reduced stretch marks.

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