Swanson Kyoto Maximum Strength Fermented Turmeric supplement

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Swanson Kyoto Maximum Strength Fermented Turmeric is a potent and cheaply priced product, backed by a guarantee, as well as numerous positive customer reviews on the site.

Swanson Kyoto Fermented Turmeric Review

Turmeric ginger, a plant native to the southwest region of the Indian subcontinent. The scientific name of the plant is Curcuma longa. The rhizomes of the plant are the most valuable parts, and are used in dyes as well as traditional Indian cuisine and medicine. Curcumin, the main component found in the plant, gives it its distinctive spicy and strong taste. Curcumin, a spice used primarily in curries, has been a staple of traditional Indian medicine, as it has numerous known health benefits. Primary among these benefits is joint-pain relief and improvement of overall joint durability. Curcumin also has potent antioxidant properties, known to traditional Indian medicine for numerous decades. Certain recent western clinical studies have shown that curcumin can be used to treat several types of cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. Curcumin boasts a long list of some pretty notable health benefits, and yet turmeric extract supplements are primarily sought after for the effects it has on the joints due to its so-called “healthy inflammatory” response. Since the benefits of turmeric curcumin have become common knowledge in western countries, the demand for curcumin supplements has spiked, and thus numerous manufacturers have flooded the market with their supplements. Swanson Health Products, also known as Swanson Vitamins or Swanson Kyoto is one of these manufacturers.


  • Fermented Turmeric Rhizome (760 mg)
  • Gelatin
  • Silica
  • Magnesium Stearate

Something to look for when filtering out ineffective supplements is to check if there are any filler or binding agents, as well as the presence of artificial additives, coloring, or preservatives. As we see here, the formula is devoid of any unnecessary or potentially harmful ingredients, containing only that which is necessary for the supplement to perform its function.


As opposed to the regular two pills per day dosage of most curcumin supplements, you only need to take a single Swanson Kyoto Maximum Strength Fermented Turmeric pill every day. It is suggested to take the daily pill with a meal or a drink with more substance than water, as the act of eating or drinking will rev-up the digestive system, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed completely.

Side Effects

While no side effects of curcumin itself have been ever observed, this particular supplement may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort, and its use is discouraged if you suffer from gallbladder problems.


One unit of Swanson Kyoto Maximum Strength Fermented Turmeric, containing a total of 30 capsules, which is enough for about a month, costs $7.99 from their own site, but the product is available from numerous re-sellers all over the internet, so you have many options open to you.


All Swanson Health Products have a complete 365-day money-back guarantee if ordered from the official site. Other vendors, however, reserve their own unique refund policies, so make sure to check their stance on money-back guarantees.

Conclusion – Swanson Kyoto Fermented Turmeric

Swanson Kyoto Maximum Strength Fermented Turmeric is a potent and cheaply priced product, backed by a guarantee, as well as numerous positive customer reviews on the site. However, while it might seem like an ideal product, it is always prudent to do extensive research before picking a supplement.

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