Bio-Tech Pharmacal D-Mannose supplement

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Based on this product being allergen free and formulated with a good ingredient that may be beneficial for the general maintenance of bladder and urinary tract health.


Bio-Tech Pharmacal D-Mannose (Powder) Review

The following is an informed review for a product called D-Mannose (Powder). This product claims to be formulated with only pure and nature mannose that may help to sustain a healthy bladder and urinary tract. It also claims that it will not disrupt the regulation of blood sugar levels. The manufacturer also claims that this product contains no allergens and also not preservatives or sweeteners., which may suggest that this is a relatively safe product.


  • D-Mannose – 0.9 g

D-Mannose is a type of sugar that may help to prevent urinary tract infections, it may also treat metabolic disorders. This ingredient works by prohibiting bacteria from sticking to urinary tract walls that cause infections. It may also treat deficiencies that have resulted from genetic defects. Research suggests that this ingredient is generally safe for most adults, however, it may cause loose stools and bloating and that if too high dosages are used, it may be significantly harmful to your kidneys. It is unusual that this product does not have any visible warnings or listed side effects considering research shows that the ingredient used does have possible side effects and can be harmful if used in high doses.


The product label instructs adults to take half a teaspoon to one teaspoon, which is 2.5 ml to 5 ml three to four times a day along with 6 oz of water, It is unfortunately not stated if this should be taken with or without meals. Children are advised to take a quarter teaspoon to half a teaspoon also with 6 oz of water. It is not suggested how often children should take this, however; it could be assumed that it should also be taken three to four times a day.


This product is available from the manufacturer’s website and can be purchased online for $31.98. One bottle contains 1.76 oz or 50 g of powder, this may be considered to be a one month supply although simple maths suggests that it probably won’t last that long.


The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, however; they do charge a 20% restocking fee and if the product is returned after 30 days of purchase, a 40% handling and return charge will be determined. The information provided on this guarantee is not very clear, and it might be assumed that you may only return products based on manufacturing or packaging errors as the website advises that only correctly rejected products will be refunded, although this may also mean that the product will be refunded for any reason if you have followed the correct procedures.

D-Mannose (Powder) Review – Conclusion

Based on this product being allergen free and formulated with a good ingredient that may be beneficial for the general maintenance of bladder and urinary tract health. This product does also have a money back guarantee available although the details of their return policy are unfortunately not very clear. It is slightly concerning that this product should have possible side effects and warning listed, yet it does not. It is also a negative factor that this product has no customer reviews available. This product is generally an ok product, however; there are most likely better products that you could also consider.

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