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This product seems to be a decent product. It comes in a powder that can be easily mixed in water.


Vital Nutrients Mannose Powder Review

UTIs are the second most commonly diagnosed infection in the United States. The most common treatment prescribed to treat a UTI is antibiotics. Although effective, antibiotics can cause more harm than good in the long run because it can destroy the beneficial bacteria that prevents pathogenic bacteria from growing and if overused, your body can build up a resistance to antibiotics, making treating and eliminating UTIs much harder. Antibiotics are also limited in the way that they can only treat an already existing infection, rather than preventing future ones from occurring altogether. Anybody who has ever experienced the painful symptoms of a UTI would rather prevent one from occurring than having to eliminate an existing one. This review is going to examine  Vital Nutrients Mannose Powder, that can act as an alternative treatment and prevention for UTIs. Vital Nutrients claims that their powder helps maintain a healthy mucosal lining in the urinary tract and supports the integrity of epithelial cells in the genitourinary tract. This D-Mannose comes in a powder form that you can dilute in water. D-Mannose is believed to prevent against UTIs from occurring because it attaches itself to E.Coli bacteria that causes them to attach to each other as opposed to the lining of the walls of the urinary tract which makes it easier for the bacteria to be excreted through urine.


  • D-Mannose Powder – 2,000 mg

D-mannose is a simple sugar that is related to glucose and is found commonly in fruits. It is believed to prevent against UTIs by causing E.coli bacteria to stick to each other, making it harder for the bacteria to stick to each other and multiply. It also makes it easier to be excreted in the urine. If taken orally, it binds itself to flora which offers support for urinary tract health.


Vital Nutrients recommends taking one-quarter or one teaspoon 1-3 times a day dissolved in water that can be taken with or in between meals or as instructed by your doctor.

Pregnant and nursing women should consult with their healthcare provider before taking this product.


This product is available on the manufacturer’s website for $39.10 for a 50-gram bottle. There are no bulk purchasing packages or discounts.


Returns are only issued for unopened items and must be within 30 days of purchase.

Vital Nutrients Mannose Powder Review – Conclusion

This product seems to be a decent product. It comes in a powder that can be easily mixed in water. However, we have researched many D-Mannose products and UTI prevention supplements and Vital Nutrients powder is expensive relative to other products that are available on the market. Their return policy is also weak and unclear especially considering their price. It is risky to purchase this product because if you try it and are unsatisfied, it can leave you at a significant financial loss. Experts suggest that in order to achieve optimal urinary tract health, D-mannose should be taken in conjunction with a cranberry supplement because D-mannose only protects from E.coli bacteria and in our research we have found products that combine both. Therefore, relying on this product alone isn’t necessarily sufficient support for optimal urinary tract health and will leave you needing to invest in additional supplements. With better options available on the market, we feel inclined to inquire about others that offer better support and are less financially risky.

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