Supplement Healthstore VeinoMax for Varicose Veins

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Supplement Healthstore VeinoMax is a varicose vein supplement that has a list of ingredients that have been known to support the painful and inconvenient symptoms associated with the common vein condition.

Supplement Healthstore VeinoMax Review

This is a review of VeinoMax, a varicose vein supplement by Supplement Healthstore that claims to strengthen veins and promote vein health. The manufacturer claims to have chosen ingredients that work synergistically together to relieve the symptoms associated with varicose veins. In the following review, we shall assess these claims by examining the product ingredients as well as well as the support that is provided to the customer by the manufacturer; determining if this product is worthy of your purchase.


  • Troxerutin (Sophorae japonica extract)
  • Diosmin (Citrus aurantium extract)
  • Aescin (Horse chestnut extract )
  • Quercetin (Sophorae japonica extract)
  • Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)
  • Hesperidin (Citrus aurantium extract)
  • Anthocyanidins (Blueberry extract)
  • Proanthocyanidins (Grape Seed extract)
  • Vitexin (Hawthorn berry extract)

Troxerutin has been known to reduce inflammation while promoting circulation while relieving pain. Diosmin, Aescin, and hesperidin strengthen vein tone; while Anthocyanidins and Proanthocyanidins support capillary fragility. While these ingredients have been known to support the relief of symptoms associated with varicose veins – this product only offers an internal solution as opposed to competing brands that also offer a topical cream; which further promotes symptom relief and thus, more effective results. Furthermore; there appears to be no quality assurance on the manufacturing process (such as abiding by cGMP guidelines), no third-party testing, and no symbols of vegan-friendly products or the absence of animal cruelty. All of these factors prevent us from having complete confidence in the efficacy, ethics, and quality of this product.


The manufacturer states clear instructions for use: take 2 capsules 3 times a day with each main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Although this is needed to provide the appropriate quantity of active ingredients – this frequency of dosage may become excessive and develop into an inconvenience. The manufacturer advises that the recommended dose should not be exceeded and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a pre-standing health condition; a physician should be consulted before use.


To purchase a bottle of Supplement Healthstore VeinoMax, you can do so directly from the manufacturer’s website. Customers can expect to pay $39,00 for a 1 months supply of 180 capsules. The manufacturer offers free delivery for orders over $70,00; otherwise, there are no package offers of bulk deals that allow additional savings.


The manufacturer allows customers a 7-day period in which they can qualify to return their product for a refund. This policy is only extended to unopened products; which is a concern as the customer is not given the opportunity to test this product for themselves. This does not showcase manufacturer confidence in the product – which is worrying. Furthermore, there are also no available customer reviews to vouch for the efficacy of this product or the validity of the manufacturer’s claims.

Supplement Healthstore VeinoMax Review – Conclusion

Supplement Healthstore VeinoMax is a varicose vein supplement that has a list of ingredients that have been known to support the painful and inconvenient symptoms associated with the common vein condition. However, the product’s quality has no assurance by external authority and is limited in its efficacy by only offering internal support for varicose veins. While the dosage is clear, it may become excessive and inconvenient over time. While the price may be relatively affordable; the lack of manufacturer confidence showcased in the returns policy and guarantee is a concern. These factors, along with absent customer reviews, is why we do not recommend this product as a worthy purchase.

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