Yacon Extract Review

Pauline Strauss

Yacon Extract Premium is one of the hottest diet supplements for weight loss for best price. Unlike other yacon syrup extracts which do not contain the right dosage, Yacon Extract Premium contains 41.39% Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) extracted from Yacon root. Yacon Extract Premium cleanses the excess sugars in the body before they turn into fat, reduces hunger by creating a long-lasting satiety and boosts the metabolism required to get rid of the excess fat.


Yacon Extract Premium contains 41.39% FOS extracted from the roots of quality Yacon. FOS is a natural sugar that can inhibit carbohydrate intake and disrupt fat formation. The production of hunger hormone ghrelin is reduced and the metabolism is increased. FOS are considered effective prebiotics which stimulate the growth of skinny bacteria in the intestine which improve digestive system. FOS are processed into short-chain fatty acids which control insulin levels. It is shelled in a vegetarian capsule. Yacon Extract Premium does not contain any added fillers or binders.


Yacon Extract Premium is available in bottles of 60 capsules. It is recommended to take one capsule twice daily 30 minutes before meals with an 8oz glass of water giving the right amount of 1600mg yacon extract intake. It is advised to use Yacon Extract Premium for 6 months to get the best result. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, individuals under the age of 18, and patients with known health conditions could contact a physician before taking this supplement.


Each Yacon Extract Premium bottle costs $60. Currently there is an offer to save $12 if you purchase one bottle. You could save $89 if you buy two bottles, save $128 if you go for four bottles, and save $222 if you buy six bottles. There are also combo offers where you could save $102 if you buy 2 bottles of Yacon capsules and 1 bottle of Yacon syrup. You could save $152 when you buy 3 bottles of Yacon capsules and 1 bottle of Yacon Syrup. You could save $245 when you buy 5 bottles of Yacon capsules and 1 bottle of Yacon Syrup.


Yacon Extract Premium offers a 90 day risk free money back guarantee. This means you could get a full refund by returning used and unused bottles if you are dissatisfied with the product.

The product is prepared in a FDA registered and cGMP certified.

It complies with the US Pharmacopeia’s quality standards.


Unlike most other Yacon supplements, Yacon Extract Premium is not a cheap imitation containing leaf or seed extract of Yacon but is pure root extract of quality Yacon with FOS. It does not use false claims or misinterpretations and does not hide anything behind the website or labels. It is one of our best recommended choices for weight loss as it has the highest quality expected in a premium product. Some of the best qualities in Yacon Extract Premium that makes it unrivaled leader in the market are:

  • 90 day risk free money back guarantee
  • 100% natural ingredients with quality Yacon with 41.39% FOS
  • 1600mg dosage optimum for weight reduction
  • Standards and quality in manufacturing