Candida-X2 Professional Botanicals supplement

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There are a few dietary contents in Professional Botanicals Candida-X2. This helps in the detoxification and cleansing of the system of digestion

Candida-X2 Professional Botanicals Review

In today’s market, one good product is Professional Botanicals Candida-X2 which helps in supporting and cleaning the body as well as putting beneficial bacteria in balance. A Candida infection, which is also known as candida can be the cause of many symptoms that cause discomfort and issues of health when there is an unbalance in the bacteria. Some symptoms of an imbalance of good bacteria in the body include memory loss, fatigue, exhaustion and foggy brain. On the other hand, other people experience common symptoms such as digestive disorders, itchy skin, athlete’s foot, jock itch and infections of the vagina.  These symptom groups are reversible, however with the usage of a good treatment supplement and a dietary change.


  • Gelatin
  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi jiaogulan
  • Eleuthero
  • Malt diastase
  • Invertase
  • Glucomylase
  • Lipase
  • Protease
  • Amylase
  • Thymus substance
  • Echincae angustifolia
  • Butternut
  • Black walnut leaf
  • Odorless garlic
  • Pau-d-Arco
  • Mediterranean Oregano
  • Zinc 2mg
  • Selenium 2mg


The suggested dose of of Professional Botanicals Candida-X2 is for best results, take fifteen capsules of Flora Vegie or Flora Norm 4 times a day for the first 3 days. On day 4, reduce the dose to just two capsules and start taking one Candida X2 capsules with 2 Di-Aide Enzymes tablets 4 times a day, or as directed by your professional health care practitioner. For this product, no side effects have been reported and with all medications, treatment or supplement, consult your physician before using.


You will find varied prices depending on what website you check and at the time this review was written, the price of Professional Botanicals Candida-X2 for a bottle of 90 capsules was $38.97.


There is no money back guarantee offered by this product, which may cause some consumers to be wary of purchasing a product that did not seem to be supported or backed up by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Conclusion – Candida-X2 Professional Botanicals Review

There are a few dietary contents in Professional Botanicals Candida-X2. This helps in the detoxification and cleansing of the system of digestion and keep a good balance of yeast in the intestine tract that assists in supporting healthy bacteria and give it a balance overall. From one individual to another, according to the general lifestyle, diet, yeast infection imbalance and severity, results will tend to be varied.

In the market today, there many great products that deal with yeast infection including this one which is Professional Botanicals Candida-X2. With this in mind when you check the ingredients and the price of the product, you might want to consider other options that have a well rounded product.

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