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There are a lot of different dietary contents in Seeking Health Microbial Defense that help in detoxification and cleansing of the system of digestion.

Seeking Health Microbial Defense Review

There are considerable dietary contents in Seeking Health Microbial Defense which will assist in supporting and cleaning the overall healthy balance of bacteria. Often, yeast infections are the result of an imbalance of yeast in the body, and this is also called candida. When balanced, you will find candida lining your intestines and mouth. Without treatment and a good balance, however, candida or yeast will cause individuals to go through symptoms of discomfort that include memory loss, brain fog, fatigue and exhaustion, among other symptom groups. Others ill go through digestive disorder, itchy skin, jock itch and infections in the vagina. A lot of these different symptom groups can be turned around by altering diets or taking supplements of nutrition. Needless to say, immediate solutions would be the best remedy for all yeast infections due to the discomfort experienced. With this in mind, we decided to do an in depth investigation on what this product contained and how it worked.


  • Silicon dioxide
  • Cellulose
  • L-leucine
  • Water
  • Hyroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Berberine sulfate
  • Green tea leaf
  • Extract of sweet wormwood leaf
  • Whole plant wormwood


The recommended dose of Seeking Health Microbial Defense by the manufacturer is taking one capsule two times a day before breakfast and dinner. With this product, there are no side effects indicated. Of course, you must consult your health care practitioner before taking this or any medication, treatment or supplement.


From one website to another, internet prices do vary. When this product review was written, the price for sixty capsules was $19.95.


There is no money back guarantee offered for Seeking Health Microbial Defense which may cause some consumers to be wary about purchasing a product that does not seem to be supported by its own manufacturer.

Conclusion – Seeking Health Microbial Defense Review

There are a lot of different dietary contents in Seeking Health Microbial Defense that help in detoxification and cleansing of the system of digestion. This product helps in maintaining a healthy balance of yeast in the intestine tract which assists in the support of good bacteria in a balance overall. From one patient to another, the results of this medication will tend to vary and it depends on the extent and severity of the imbalance of yeast, the lifestyle in general and the diet.

This product is not FDA inspected neither does it come with any forms of guarantee.

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