Monthly Archives: October 2015

Biogetica Freedom Kit Review

This is a review of Biogetica Freedom Kit.  Based upon homeopathic remedies and advanced Nutraceuticals, Biogetica has carefully crafted a unique kit that will help reduce many menopausal symptoms. Claiming to reduce hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, mood swings, and headaches while stimulating the nervous tissues and providing hormonal balance, Biogetica touches on many issues surrounding…

Purica Menopause Relief Review

This is a review of Menopause Relief by Purina.  Millions of women suffer from the symptoms caused by menopause.  Claiming to halt hot flashes and night sweats, regulate mood, balance hormones, enhance libido, ameliorate stress and prevent vaginal dryness, Menopause Relief promises to offer women a supplement which can provide much relief from the dreaded menopause. This…

Anuice Review

Have you heard of Anuice – a medical device for the treatment of hemorrhoids? Have you wondered whether it is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids? Well, you need to know that Anuice is not a drug but a medical device using the application of cryotherapy to soothe the burning sensation of hemorrhoids. With this… Protection Status

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