Anuice Review

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Anuice seems to be an effective way to treat hemorrhoids without surgery. Cold and ice are usually an effective way to manage symptoms

Anuice Review

Have you heard of Anuice – a medical device for the treatment of hemorrhoids? Have you wondered whether it is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids? Well, you need to know that Anuice is not a drug but a medical device using the application of cryotherapy to soothe the burning sensation of hemorrhoids. With this Anuice review, you will learn how to achieve optimum results with this device and why it is a well-designed device to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Proudly produced by Cryotherapy Pain Relief Products Incorporated (CPRPI), Anuice seems to be a popular medical device that uses cold therapy to treat hemorrhoids. It does not use any drugs, natural ingredients, creams, lotions, sprays, or pills. Rather, it involves using a small plastic insert that you freeze and put on your anus or inside your anus depending where your hemorrhoids are located.


There is no list of ingredients found for this product because the product itself is a device. The product comes with three different size and shape applicators so you can choose the one that best suits your hemorrhoids. The side of the tub is for internal hemorrhoids. The product comes with a lubricant for easy application for internal hemorrhoids.


The device should be in the freezer for at least two hours before using. There are detailed instructions provided as to how to use the device. For both internal and external hemorrhoids, you should lie on your side with your knees bent towards your chest. Then either insert the device or place it externally on your hemorrhoids and hold it there for 8-10 minutes. This should be done two to three times a day, for four weeks.

The device should be kept inside a specialized container and put in the freezer when it is not in use.


You can buy an Anuice kit for $39.95 online directly from the manufacturer’s website. A complete kit contains the following:

  • The cryogenic device.
  • A container to store the device in freezer.
  • A 30 ml gel dropper bottle of lubricant.
  • Instructions.

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides different purchasing options for buying a larger number of kits. They recommend having at least two kits. Buying two kits will save you 15%, buying three kits will save you 25%, and buying four kits will save you 33%.


We could not find any mention of a guarantee on the manufacturer’s website.

Anuice Review – Conclusion

Anuice seems to be an effective way to treat hemorrhoids without surgery. Cold and ice are usually an effective way to manage symptoms such as bleeding, burning, pain, itching, and other problems commonly associated with hemorrhoids. From the outside, this looks like an easy and simple treatment plan. There is also no risk of side effects as you are not putting any ingredients inside or on your body. However, the application for this device is quite time-consuming and will need to be done in the comfort of your home. It also does nothing to deal with the root cause of hemorrhoids. We think there are other products on the market to provide longer lasting relief from hemorrhoids.

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