Natrol Stress And Anxiety Day And Night Supplement to Ease Anxiety

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We liked that Natrol Stress Anxiety Day & Nite supplement is all natural, contains no artificial drugs, and is a non habit forming sleep aid.

Natrol Stress And Anxiety Day And Night Review

The following is a review of Natrol Stress & Anxiety Day & Nite pills. The makers of this supplement claim that it will help diminish the symptoms of stress and anxiety. The pills are to be taken twice a day with the second dose to be taken prior to sleep in order to help you fall asleep more easily and to improve the overall quality of sleep. The Nite formula features Melatonin and L-Glutamine as well as Valerian and Grape Seed extracts. Keep reading to learn more about Natrol Stress and Anxiety and to see if it can be helpful to you.


Each dietary supplement contains:

  • 5-HTP – for optimistic mood
  • Antioxidants – helps cellular health
  • Vitamin E – protects the body from oxidation damage
  • Vitamin B12 – increases energy and mental alertness

The Nite pill includes a blend of powerful antioxidants that help the body’s repair and healing process. Each Nite pill contains:

  • Calcium & Magnesium – helps maintain a positive sleep cycle
  • L-glutamine – Enhances sleep
  • Melatonin – Help you fall asleep quicker
  • Valerian – Enhances sleep quality

The ingredients in Natrol Stress Anxiety Day & Nite formula help reduce anxiety and improve restorative and normal sleep cycles. Both the Day and Nite supplements are created from all-natural ingredients free from harsh chemicals and other synthetic compounds.


The suggested dose is one to two Day tablets once a day with food, and one Nite pill before going to sleep at night.


There is no option to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website but a link directs you to online retailers. For example, on iHerb, one box containing 60 pills (30 day and 30 night) costs $17.06. Prices vary between vendors.


The company does not offer any form of guarantee.

Conclusion – Natrol Stress And Anxiety Day And Night

We liked that Natrol Stress Anxiety Day & Nite supplement is all natural, contains no artificial drugs, and is a non habit forming sleep aid. It also has the added benefit of making and adjusting dosages easier as both the day and night pill come in separate packages. We feel like the price per bottle is quite reasonable considering that one package could last several months. Although the reviews were mixed, there definitely were some who gave very positive feedback that Natrol was helpful in relieving symptoms of anxiety and or improving quality of sleep. However, on the negative side we were disappointed in the lack of any form of guarantee. A guarantee is more likely to win consumer favor because it promotes the  belief that the company stands behind its claims of what the product can achieve for you. It’s not clear that when treating anxiety or sleep problems whether taking pure melatonin would have the same or better results than taking this supplement. Finally, there was a lack of information on the website and the label regarding possible side effects. For these reasons, we cannot fully recommend Natrol Stress and Anxiety.

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