GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll Supplement for Overall Health

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GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll is a product described as a chlorophyll complex softgel capsule which has phytonutrients.

GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll Review

This is a review of GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll, a chlorophyll product with phytonutrients.  It has no artificial flavors or preservatives and is wheat and gluten free.  The specifics about the product and what it is used for is not stipulated on the manufacturer’s website and third party websites.


GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll contains the following ingredients:


Adults should take one softgel capsule daily and are advised to not to exceed this dosage.  Before using this product, individuals are advised to consult their physician if they are pregnant, nursing, have another medical condition, or are taking other medications.  And usage should be discontinued two weeks before surgery.  


GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll can be purchased from the manufacturer and third party sites for $11.99. Discounts of 10% are available to customers who sign up to automatically receive the product with some type of regular frequency and are offered free shipping for orders sent in the United States.

International shipping is only available to the following countries:  Australia, Canada, and China.  One reviewer on the manufacturer’s website complains that shipment to Canada was not actually possible, and though there is a note that the product cannot be sold in Japan, in the international shipping information it states that it can be sent there.


No mention of a satisfaction guarantee policy is made on the manufacturer’s website.

Conclusion – GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll

GNC Superfoods Triple Chlorophyll is a product described as a chlorophyll complex softgel capsule which has phytonutrients.  With 90 capsules in each container, this appears to be sold at a good price point for consumers doing competitive shopping for this type of product.

Very little information about the product is available on the website, including why a consumer would choose this product, which leaves consumers wondering why to purchase it.  There are, in fact, just a few reviews on the manufacturer’s website which point to it being an overall cleanser for gastrointestinal issues or those simply looking for a nutritional supplement.

Complaints on the manufacturer and third party sites selling the product included capsules being broken within the bottles they purchased. Additionally, consumers commented not feeling any overall benefit from taking the product.  For this reason, we suggest that consumers interested in purchasing a chlorophyll supplement refer to other products on the market.

In terms of the actual ingredients for this product, each softgel capsule contains 60 mg of a chlorophyll complex.  This appears to be a low amount of chlorophyll for each tablet with competitive products containing 100 mg per tablet.

The usage of chlorophyll combined with other natural ingredients including probiotics for regulating and balancing pH levels and healthy bacteria in the stomach, as well green tea,  peppermint, fennel, and magnolia, has been researched and documented to be a huge benefit in helping to both prevent and combat unpleasant smells and odors. The usage of chlorophyll in this product, however, does not seem to be designed to treat individuals who are suffering from bad breath and other internal and external odors.

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