World Organic Breath Buddies Supplement to Promote Fresh Breath

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This product seems to be an okay product. It offers 180 softgel capsules per bottle and contains two natural active ingredients.

Breath Buddies Review

Bad breath can be an embarrassing and isolating condition, leaving anybody experiencing it in the market for a product that can offer fast and effective relief. The problem with common bad breath treatments is that they only band-aid the problem with a temporary solution. This review is going to examine World Organic Breath Buddies.  Bad breath and body odor can signal that there are toxins in the body. This product claims to naturally work in your digestive system to clean up offensive odors at their source. They promise to ensure long-lasting fresh breath, regardless of the food you eat. You can expect to see results within 30 minutes upon consuming the softgels.


Inactive Ingredients: Gelatin capsule.

Parsley contains a high amount of chlorophyll which is a pigment found in all green plants and is what facilitates the process of turning sunlight into energy and is thought to act as a breath deodorant. It is believed to absorb the odor-causing compounds and naturally removes them through bowel movements.

Sunflower Oil is a common ingredient used to alleviate bad breath through a technique called oil pulling and is believed to offer effective, natural relief from bad breath.


The manufacturer recommends taking 2 or 3 capsules with liquid after eating. You can repeat if needed. You can expect to see results within 30 minutes.

Pregnant or nursing women are recommended to consult with their healthcare provider before consuming this product.


This product is available exclusively through third-party retailers. We found one 180 softgel capsule bottle of Breath Buddies available online through a third-party retailer for $7.45 and $7.08 per bottle for two bottles.


We could not find a manufacturer’s guarantee for this product. Any guarantees will be subject to the terms and conditions of the retailer you purchase from.

Conclusion – World Organic Breath Buddies

This product seems to be an okay product. It offers 180 softgel capsules per bottle and contains two natural active ingredients. However, there is very limited information available about this product. There are nearly no consumer reviews available on any sort of forum which suggests to us that this product is not a well-known and has not been on the market long enough to be able to obtain a good idea whether or not Breath Buddies is a consumer approved product. Experts say that in order for chlorophyll to be effective in reducing bad breath, you must take 15-200mg daily but Breath Buddies does not disclose the amount of each active ingredient in every capsule so there is no way for us to know if these softgels contain enough active ingredients to be effective. Taking into account the lack of information about this product and that there is no manufacturer’s guarantee, this product is too risky to rely on and we are inclined to inquire into other products that have more information available and that offer manufacturer’s guarantees.

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