McCleary Scientific Lucidal Supplement to Improve Focus

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Caffeine and stimulant free, this product has been designed to improve your memory capacity while also serving as a multi-vitamin.  But there is a lot of missing information for us

McCleary Scientific Lucidal Review

Our brains age, unfortunately, just as the rest of our body. And it is widely known at this point that as we get older, the brain’s neurons lose some of the connections which result in us not being able to process, remember, and function in the way that we had when we were younger. In response, many companies including McCleary Scientific have produced products such as Lucidal which we are reviewing today, to enhance the functioning of nerve cells and speed up the rate that the cells in our brains communicate with one another – all resulting in the ability to focus better and remember more.


Surprisingly, the manufacturer does not offer information on the ingredients and there is no product label on their website. And after extensive research, we came up with absolutely no results. Their website is well organized, so we imagine that this was purposeful on the part of the company to not reveal the contents of their product.  They do say that Lucidal contains the nutritional platform in the form of a multi-vitamin and mental platform with other ingredients.  We just don’t know what the ingredients are except that there is no caffeine or other stimulants.


Instructions state to take 3 capsules daily, preferably with a meal.  One option is to take all 3 capsules in the morning or to take them at different times during the day.

As with all supplements, individuals with medical conditions are advised to consult with a physician before taking the product.


Our research shows that it is only possible to purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s website. And unfortunately, it is not cheap and so that will surely be a factor for many people who cannot pay the high price.  One bottle costs $74.99 plus shipping.  There is a special offer to purchase 3 bottles of Lucidal for $169.99 and you get a bottle of Softgel Omega-3 and an audio guide by Dr. Larry McCleary as bonus gifts.  Shipping is only available in the United States.


We could not find any offer for a guarantee for this product.  The fact that the price is so high points to the fact that the company must be aiming to sell this product to a wealthier population in the United States who would not otherwise think about spending $75 dollars a month on a product without any type of satisfaction guarantee.

Conclusion – McCleary Scientific Lucidal

Caffeine and stimulant free, this product has been designed to improve your memory capacity while also serving as a multi-vitamin.  But there is a lot of missing information for us about this product, and we, therefore, feel quite hesitant about recommending it at this point. There are plenty of testimonials on the website but without knowing the contents of the product, it feels like there are too many unanswered questions.  Also, the price of the product is high and there is no satisfaction guarantee available.  We recommend checking out the many other brain-enhancing nootropic products available at reasonable prices with risk-free purchasing options by the manufacturers.

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