Onnit Alpha Brain Supplement to Improve Brain Function

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This product is vegetarian, and both caffeine and gluten free.  It has many customer reviews, but certainly not outstanding ones overall.

Onnit Alpha Brain Review

Today we are reviewing Onnit Alpha Brain which is a nootropic, a supplement that improves the functioning of your brain in terms of focus, memory, and mental speed; it is designed to help boost memory, your overall clarity and focus. Made with earth grown natural nutrients, it can be taken every single day and works immediately by stimulating neurotransmitters.  It will help you remember names and allow you focus on completing tasks.


The main ingredients for this product are:

  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) – 100 mg
  • Onnit Flow Blend (L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Oat (straw) Extract, Phosphatidylserine – 650 mg
  • Cat’s Claw (bark) Extract (ac-11) – 350 mg
  • Onnit Focus Blend (L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC), Bacopa (aerial parts) Extract, Huperzia Serrata (aerial parts) Extract – 240 mg
  • Onnit Fuel Blend (L-Leucine, Vinpocetine, Pterostilbene) – 65 mg

Other ingredients:  Vegetarian Capsule (Cellulose, Water), Silica

This product contains soy from the L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine and Phosphatidylserine.

L-Tyrosine helps the body with the production of neurotransmitters; L-Theanine helps balance the Alpha Brain formula; Oatstraw (Avena sativa) is an herb that is a relaxant; Phosphatidylserine is a lipid with many brain cell membranes; Pterostilbene is an antioxidant that reduces stress; Vitamin B6 helps synthesize amino acids and neurotransmitters.


The product label instructions state the following:  take 2 capsules in the morning or early afternoon, ideally with a light meal.  If you are interested in enhancing a dream state, it is recommended to take 2 capsules 4-6 hours before going to sleep.  However, you should not take more than 3 capsules in total in 24 hours.

If you have any medical condition, and if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult with your healthcare professional before using this product.


This product is available for sale on both the manufacturer’s website and third party websites.  One bottle of 90 capsules costs $79.95 on the manufacturer’s website and $75.93 on third party websites.  A 30 count bottle sells for $34.95 on both websites. There is also a two bottle discounted price on the manufacturer’s website for the 30-count bottles for $50.50.

Note that the 30 count bottle is a 15 day supply of this product. Be sure that you will be able to afford the price before moving ahead with the purchase.


This manufacturer offers what they call a Keep-It money back guarantee for 3 months.  If you are unsatisfied with the product, there is no need to return it; you will be refunded fully by letting the company know.  This offer applies only for the first time you purchase a product

Conclusion – Onnit Alpha Brain

This product is vegetarian, and both caffeine and gluten free.  It has many customer reviews, but certainly not outstanding ones overall.  It is a very expensive product and so you will need to decide if you would like to invest in it to see if the benefits of this nootropic make a significant difference in the day-to-day functioning of your life.  Otherwise, the price for using this product each month will be quite high as a 30-count bottle will only take you through a half a month.  It would be worthwhile to check out other products on the market that are less expensive and well reputed.  In our opinion, this product is too expensive with too many negative reviews for it to be worth even trying.

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