Durham’s Canker-Rid Topical Solution to Heal Canker Sores

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We like that this product aims to help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with canker sores. We also like that this product allegedly consists of natural ingredients

Durham’s Canker-Rid Review

Today we review Durham’s Canker-Rid that claims to help relieve pain quick that was caused by canker sores in the mouth.  Having canker sores can have a huge impact on your quality of life which makes finding a product that works to get rid of them a priority. Canker-Rid also claims to help with mouth ulcers, fever blisters, cold sores and mouth sores. Canker sores can become very painful and irritated if not looked after properly so if you would like to find out more about this product regarding canker sores, read our review below.


Canker-Rid is made with a blend of bee products in mind that incorporates amino acids and bioflavonoids into the product. The active ingredient used in Canker-Rid is Propolis Cera. This is an organic compound that is used by bees to correct and seal small imperfections in their hives. This ingredient is also known for its antiseptic properties and is known to fight off bacteria and infections. Canker-Rid is safe to ingest and is packed with nutrients that have antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This product also helps to soothe the gums and provides a healing environment.


This product should be used after you have dried the affected area with a tissue.  Use a cotton swab to apply Canker-Rid directly to the sore. We are unfortunately unable to find any information regarding how many times a day are you supposed to use this product. There is also no information available online that stipulates the number of consecutive days one can use this product. This product is supposed to last you about 6 months but they also do not mention if it is suitable for pregnant or nursing women.


You can buy this product directly from the manufacturer’s website. For one bottle containing 28 g of Canker-Rid, you will pay $19.95. They also offer free shipping on all orders shipped to the USA that are worth $75 or more.  If you would like to order this product internationally or your order is below $75 you will be charged extra for shipping purposes. Shipping charges will differ based on where you live.


Durham’s has a refund policy that lasts up to 30 days since you purchased the product.  They will provide a refund of a maximum quantity of 1 for a single item on the order list. It is your responsibility to pay the return shipping costs and keep in mind that the original shipping charge is also non-refundable.

Conclusion – Durham’s Canker-Rid

We like that this product aims to help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with canker sores. We also like that this product allegedly consists of natural ingredients that are packed with natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help fight off infections. However, we are concerned about the lack of specific information regarding the ingredients used in this product. We also are confused about the directions for use and safe dosage regarding this product seeing as no clear information could be found highlighting this important aspect regarding this product. It is also not clear if it is safe for pregnant and nursing women to use this product. There are also mixed reviews about this product on Amazon, with some people not being satisfied with the results achieved through this product.

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