Phillip's Colon Health Probiotic Supplement for Digestive Health

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This product appears to be a promising dietary supplement that can help you to achieve better digestive health. Its formula includes three types of bacteria that have been found

Phillip’s Colon Health Probiotic Review

Although bacteria are commonly associated with being bad for you, there are also types of good bacteria that can offer many health benefits. The good bacteria in your gut can help neutralize toxins, inhibit yeast and bad bacteria in your gut and boost your immune system because the majority of your immune system lies in your gut. The gut flora helps neutralize some toxic by-products of digestion, helps encourage the digestion process and helps the gut absorb nutrients. This review is going to take a closer look at Phillip’s Colon Health Probiotic. This product contains three types of probiotics that they claim helps defend against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. The manufacturer claims that if you take them daily, it can help replenish the good bacteria in your colon, support digestive health and your immune system.


The only ingredient in this product is a proprietary blend that contains Lactobacillus gasseri, KS-13, Bifidobacterium bifidum g0-1 andBifidobacterium longum MM-2. This proprietary blend contains three types of good bacteria that are believed to be similar to the beneficial bacteria that live naturally in the digestive tract. The capsules contain a specially formulated blend of two types of probiotics plus Vitamin-B that are believed to offer support for a healthy colon.


Phillip’s recommends that you take one Colon Health Probiotic capsule once daily with a meal.

If you are under medical supervision, pregnant or nursing you should consult with your doctor before taking this product.


You can buy this product exclusively from different third-party retailers. We found one 60 capsule bottle of Phillip’s Colon Health Probiotic online for $17.96. There are no bulk purchasing packages or discounts. Pricing and bulking purchasing packages will vary according to the retailer you purchase from.


We could not find a manufacturer’s guarantee for this product. The guarantee will vary depending on the retailer that you buy from. This is risky because depending on the third-party retailer’s policy, if you are not satisfied with this product or you experience adverse side effects, you may not be able to get your money back.

Conclusion – Phillip’s Colon Health Probiotic

This product appears to be a promising dietary supplement that can help you to achieve better digestive health. Its formula includes three types of bacteria that have been found to contain properties that have benefits for your gut and overall health. However, the manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee which raises an immediate red flag. We generally find that a manufacturer’s guarantee speaks to the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s abilities. This is especially risky because many consumers claimed that this product does not work. Users reported that after continual use and following the manufacturer’s dosage instructions, they did not feel any improvement in their system. Others claimed that it caused them to experience severe adverse side effects. Taking these factors into consideration, you are better off purchasing a supplement with better consumer reviews and a good manufacturer’s guarantee.

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