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There are appealing factors about this product. The formula includes an additional patented ingredient for improved results and the price is relatively affordable.

Viva Naturals CoQ10 Review

The following review is of Viva Naturals CoQ10, a Coenzyme Q10-based product, that is designed to boost the body’s natural energy production, improve skin condition, and promote heart health. Viva Naturals claims that their unique, clinically-proven formula delivers maximum results and absorption capacity. In this review, we have analyzed various factors to determine the truth of this claim and if this product is an ideal purchase option.


The main active ingredient supplied by this product is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant found in the body that is imperative for the heart cells ability to produce energy and combat damaging substances. The levels of CoQ10 in the body decrease with age, making these supplements ideal for improved bodily function. This substance provides a number of benefits, such as; improved cardiovascular health from reduced oxidative stress, increased muscular recovery after exercise, as well as promoted skin health from the elimination of damaging free radicals. The manufacturer has included a patented ingredient, BioPerine, in this formula to increase its effectiveness. This black pepper extract is argued to increase the rate at which CoQ10 is absorbed into the body. In the right doses, this formula may prove effective and it is a formula that is common to many competitor products that deliver optimal results.


Customers are advised to consume 1 softgel daily, after a meal. This dosage supplies 100mg of CoQ10 per serving. What is concerning about this is that more effective alternatives supply up to 250mg of CoQ10 per serving. This dosage is, therefore, insufficient and additional supplementation would be required for optimal benefit.


A bottle of 150 softgels can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s site for $14.99. This is appealing when considering the number of softgels per bottle, however, the additional dosage for optimal results will shorten the lifespan of each bottle. Long-term use of this product is not encouraged by bulk-buy deals or additional discounts, meaning that this endeavor could become costly.


The efficacy of this product is supported by a 90-day Pay Nothing Guarantee. This showcases the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s ability to deliver on claims. It also provides enough time for consumers to test the product efficacy. That being said, the return policy lacks clear guidelines and it does not indicate what exactly is eligible for a refund. Also, only first-time purchases apply for the refund. The insufficient information regarding the return policy is a major concern as we cannot be sure of its reliability. What’s more concerning is that there are ample negative reviews from customers who have purchased this product. These customers have reported that the product had extreme negative side effects, including severe stomach pains and itching. This is a major concern as these possible side effects are not warned by the manufacturer.

Viva Naturals CoQ10 Review – Conclusion

There are appealing factors about this product. The formula includes an additional patented ingredient for improved results and the price is relatively affordable. However, there are many downsides to this product. The dosage of CoQ10 per serving is substantially lower than many competitor products, the guarantee lacks clear guidelines, and negative customer reviews argue that it causes severe side effects. These concerning factors are why we cannot recommend Viva Naturals CoQ10.

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