Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum for Anti-Aging

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This anti-aging day serum targets multiple levels of skin rejuvenation to produce its final results, which include a reduction in wrinkles, improving skin hydration, improving skin cell function and protecting the skin from photoaging.

Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum Review: Is it Safe and Effective?

What Is Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum?

Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum is a day serum designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the contours of the face. It is also designed to tighten and tone the skin to enhance its youthful look. It contains ingredients that soothe inflammation and protect the skin from photodamage caused by the sun.

Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum contains five clinically included ingredients, which are naturally derived and scientifically proven. These ingredients target multiple biological pathways in the skin to rejuvenate it.

We have written several day serum reviews, and in each one, we closely examine the product and its ingredients, but also how the manufacturer attends to their customers. We take a look at the price this product is offered at, and if that price is justified given the features of the product.

It is available on their website.

Manufacturer Information and Claims About Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum

Agelyss, the manufacturer of Age Defying Day Serum, also produces and sells other skincare products. They have a fairly big range of products that range from moisturizers to lash enhancers and lip plumpers. All products are GMP certified and produced in an FDA registered facility. This means that the products meet the standards of good manufacturing. Each product also includes at least five patented and proven ingredients.

For this product, several studies were conducted, at least one per patented ingredient, that included between 30 and 50 volunteers in the age bracket of 30 years old to 55 years old and tracked their progress over the time (about a month) that they used this product and their results were captured. On a visible level, there was a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, due to a number of microscopic changes induced by the ingredients.

Ingredient List

The active ingredients include:

  • Pepha-Tight – an extract from microalgae that tightens the skin and boosts collagen production.
  • Gatuline Expression – biochemically stimulates skin cells to attach to each other more tightly.
  • Argireline NP – a peptide that works similarly to Botox without the injection.
  • Trylagen PCB – a combination of peptides that that increases collagen production.
  • PhytoCell Tec Alp Rose – special epigenetic factors and metabolites that preserve stem cell function.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate

The major effect of this product is an increase in collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein that is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the skin. As people age, their collagen production decreases and so the skin loses structural integrity in certain places, resulting in sagging and wrinkles. By increasing collagen production, those empty spaces are filled and the skin becomes taut and firmer.

Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum also contains high levels of antioxidants, which quench the damaging products produced in the skin when it is exposed to UV radiation so that they are unable to react with the skin cells and cause accelerated aging.

The hyaluronic acid is also very helpful. It is a naturally occurring molecule in the human skin that binds large amounts of water to keep the skin hydrated. Levels also decrease with age, so adding more by using this product could certainly help. It is also a signaling molecule involved with regulating inflammation and promoting tissue healing.


Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum must be applied to the entire face and neck. It can be applied throughout the whole day. This product must be used every day for maximum results. It can be used on all skin types. If you wear makeup, apply Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum first and try to make sure your face is cleansed before applying it again.

Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum – Does it Really Work?

This product contains a number of anti-aging ingredients that are designed to work together to reduce wrinkles and firm up the skin. The trials used to test the patented ingredients show that they provide proven benefits.

Positive Benefits & Advantages of Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum

  • It contains several proven and patented ingredients
  • It is manufactured in an FDA approved facility
  • It is animal and vegan-friendly
  • It is paraben free
  • Tightens* and firms* the skin on a long-term basis
  • Smooths wrinkles* and prevents the formation of new ones
  • Boosts collagen production* in the skin

Disadvantages of Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum

This product has been known to sell out quite quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum offer any kind of guarantee?

Customers are welcome to contact the customer service department, whose details are on the manufacturer’s website. They can be contacted telephonically or by direct message through the website.

If customers are not satisfied with their results for any reason, then they can contact the manufacturer through these means to arrange a refund. This guarantee is valid for 365 days after purchase. The manufacturer will return the full amount of the purchase price minus shipping. The manufacturer recommends trying the full bottle of Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum before deciding on results and this will not affect the guarantee, even completely used products may be returned.

The customer support center will guide customers through the entire process to make it easier for them. Customers should note that all bottles purchased must be returned to obtain the refund and returning only a part of the order will result in a partial refund.

Are there any precautions to be aware of?

This product is for external use only and contact with eyes should be avoided. If contact occurs, flush the eye out with water. Customers with chronic skin conditions should consult their physician before using this product and it is suggested for all customers to try it on a small area of skin first, and wait for a day to make sure that no irritation will occur.

How long before I notice positive results?

Each person is different and so results will vary slightly. Some customers have reported seeing results immediately, by the next day, and some after a few days. Permanent results should be definite within 4 to 8 weeks.

How much does Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum cost?

A 1 oz bottle can be purchased for $69. Depending on how much you use the product, this should last around one month. Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum can be purchased directly from the manufacturer who offers discounted deals for buying multiple bottles at once.

Possible Side Effects with Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum

There are no ingredients in the ingredient list that have any major red flags for side effects. The main concern is that some customers might be allergic to one of the ingredients in the list. This is why it is important to test the product on a small area of skin first, and also to stop using the product if irritation occurs and then consult your doctor.

There are no common allergens in this product so very few customers – if any – should experience any sort of reaction. There are also no added chemicals or preservatives so this product is very gentle on the skin.

Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum Review – Our Conclusion

This anti-aging day serum targets multiple levels of skin rejuvenation to produce its final results, which include a reduction in wrinkles, improving skin hydration, improving skin cell function and protecting the skin from photoaging.

There are many anti-aging day serum products, some of which do not compare to this one and some which manage to match it. But this product hits the right notes in several aspects: the science behind it is convincing, it is offered at a reasonable cost with discounts in certain cases and it comes with a generous guarantee. All of the ingredients are naturally derived too and there are no parabens in the product.

When we researched what customers said about this product in their own reviews, the results were overwhelmingly positive. Customers were impressed with its effectiveness. So Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum is definitely worth giving a try if your goal is having more youthful skin with fewer wrinkles, as this product is designed to work on all skin types and for a range of different ages (it is, however, not suggested for use by persons under the age of 18).

Where To Find It?

For more details, please go the official WebSite of Agelyss Age Defying Day Serum.

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