Face Serums - Are They Necessary?

Face Serums – Are They Necessary?

You likely have a quality skin care routine and various beneficial products. You’ve probably got a lovely moisturizer you lather on throughout the day. You might have an exfoliating scrub for freshening up your face. Maybe you have a stack of essential oils that you soak into your skin. But, have you got your hands on one of the best face serums? Have you ever considered purchasing face serums? Do you understand how they work and whether they are important? If you have answered no to these questions then we are here to share some insight. We will shed light on what makes face serums different from other skin care products. We will also elaborate on what makes them a necessary addition to your skincare routine. In doing so, we hope to help you harness the power of these potent products. Consequently, you can enjoy healthier skin to maintain a youthful complexion and texture for longer!

What Are Face Serums and How Do They Work?

We need to understand how face serums differ from other skin care products before we can answer what makes them important. These products have become increasingly popular because of a few key attributes – they are light, they absorb quickly and they provide high concentrations of ingredients. For these reasons, it is common for individuals to use them as an alternative or in combination with creams and/or lotions.

The main difference between them and other products is in what they omit from their formulas, rather than what they add. For example, serums do not contain airflow occluding ingredients. Airflow occluding ingredients, like petrolatum or mineral oil, prevent water from evaporating off the skin. Furthermore, serum formulas minimize their thickening agents and lubricants. The majority of them are water-based and do not contain oils.

Woman Applying Facial SerumIn essence, the best face serums are the thinnest products you can apply. They come as topical liquids which you put on bare skin. They penetrate quickly to deliver antioxidants, vitamins, and other important active ingredients deep into the skin. This provides efficient nourishment and slows down the aging process. So now that you have a basic understanding of what they are and how they work, we can elaborate on the benefits of face serums which make them an ideal companion to your skincare routine.

What Are Some Key Face Serums Benefits?

The thought of adding yet another product to your daily skincare regimen may seem tedious. After all, those extra minutes of sleep couldn’t hurt. Well, it turns out that skipping out on a few seconds of face serums applications may come at a cost. Especially considering that they are tremendously beneficial. If you wish to have youthful looking skin for longer then you will definitely want to grab a quality serum. Here are some of the key benefits of the best face serums:

1. Lengthy Product Lifespan

An appealing reason to invest in face serums is their lengthy lifespan per purchase. A one-ounce container should last you a couple of months. This is because you do not need to apply much of the product to deliver results. In fact, many of them come in pump bottles or medicine droppers. This allows you to dispense only the amount you will need. It also minimizes mess that may result in product loss. This lengthens the lifespan of each product. But, why do you only need a little bit of formula for beneficial results? Well, the molecules in serums are tiny. As a result, they penetrate into the skin quickly and effectively. Moisturizers and creams have thick, heavy ingredients that lock in moisture. Face serums target specific affected areas to deliver optimal skin care results. Hence, the need for only a small amount of product per application.

2. Extremely Concentrated Formulas

Another reason why you need so little is that they contain high concentrations of active ingredients. This is largely due to the fact that the formulas of the best face serums omit thickening agents and/or emollients. The fewer the ingredients, the higher the concentration of active ingredients. This is beneficial as high concentrations can deliver efficient, targeted results. Many companies fail to indicate the ingredient concentrations. Furthermore, they may include inactive, filler ingredients. Hence, it is extremely important that you read reviews of the latest supplements on the market. These reviews will help you discover the best face serums. As a result, you can be comfortable with your purchase knowing that you have found a highly concentrated formula. Furthermore, the lack of fillers in these quality formulas is beneficial as these may prove harmful and harsh for your skin.

3. Lighter Formula And Feel

Bottles of Facial MoisturizerMoisturizer is often the last thing we want to spread across our skin when it is oily. It seems counterproductive to add more of an oily product. But, the problem is that our body produces more oil to combat the dryness. As a result, we experience extremely discomforting excess oil. Alas, serums are here to help. Face serums are incredibly light and fast absorbing. They ensure that the skin maintains hydration while removing the excess oil from our skin. In saying so, these products are exceptionally beneficial for people who naturally suffer from oily skin. Furthermore, the weightless feel and non-greasy finish will leave you happier and healthier than ever.

4. Stabilizing Active Ingredients

This benefit is often overlooked. However, it is extremely important to note. Dermatologists suggest that the active ingredients working towards the benefits of our products are actually unstable compounds. Serums, however, are fat-based. As a result, they create a stable environment in which these compounds can work. This means that combining face serums to your skincare routine will positively impact all your additional products. This will help your routine deliver faster and more effective results – leaving you looking younger and more luscious for longer!

Understanding the Different Types of Face Serums

While all of the best face serums deliver fast, effective results, not all of them are formulated with the same goals in mind. There are a variety of specialist serums that you can use for varying results. They intend to combat signs of aging, however, their ingredients play differing roles within the skin to do so. Some serums brighten complexion while others promote plump skin. We will take a look at the main types of serums below:

1. Brightening Serums

These formulas focus on evening out skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation. By including ingredients that inhibit melanin production, they can reduce unattractive dark spots. Some of the products contain light reflectors for faster effects. Kojic Acid is a common brightening agent that you will find in many brightening serum formulas. Additionally, these serums often contain exfoliating ingredients to improve the rate at which spots reduce.

2. Hydrating Serums

Hydrating serums are meant for day or night use. You should apply them to bare skin before you apply moisturizer. This will ensure that they absorb quickly and deliver effective results. Their intention is to provide additional hydration. Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid are hydrating agents that can be found in many formulas. Hyaluronic Acid is so beneficial that professional dermatologists highly recommend it. Read more about it here. These face serums benefits typically include soothing the skin and calming irritation.

3. Antioxidant Serums

The main goal of antioxidants is to reduce oxidative stress. But, what does that actually mean? Oxidative stress is damage which occurs when free radicals are in the body. Free radicals are irregular molecules that cause disruptions in the body. By eliminating free radicals, antioxidant serums prevent early signs of aging, especially photo-aging. They also prevent damage caused by other external aggressors.

4. Wrinkle And Firming Serums

These targeted serums aim to inhibit signs of aging that are more prominent in our later years. Wrinkles and fine lines are as common as they are discomforting. As a result, the formulas of these face serums provide fast, powerful results. Retinol is a common ingredient found in them. Retinol stimulates the production of healthy new cells. As a result, it promotes plump skin. Collagen is another ingredient that supports the skin’s structural integrity. This minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Exfoliating SerumsWoman Applying Wrinkle Serum

You will usually apply these face serums in the evening before bed. Their main goal is to gently remove dead cells from the skin. This opens up room for healthy new cells to grow and develop. In turn, promoting more radiant and youthful skin. Glycolic and salicylic acid are exfoliating ingredients that are commonly found in them.

6. Multitasking Serums

The purpose of these serums is to provide antioxidant benefits as well as hydration. The antioxidants aim to combat initial signs of aging while the hydrating agents provide an instant youthful glow. The may include additional supportive ingredients.

As with all skin care products, you are going to need to take a close look at the ingredient list to find the best face serums. The face serums benefits are more effective with a higher quality product. In saying so, keep your eyes peeled for clinically proven patented ingredients. These ingredients are well-researched and studied. Test results highlight their ability to work as intended. The top serums on the market contain up to five clinically proven patented ingredients. Once you have found the perfect product, the next step is applying it!

How Do You Apply Facial Serums?

  • Apply all face serums to clean, dry, bare skin. Ensure that it is the first product you apply after cleansing the skin. You can apply more than one serum. Apply the most targeted one first.
  • Allow the serum a few minutes to absorb before applying moisturizer. It is important to use a product that seals in the serum to ensure the delivery of optimal results.
  • If you apply a moisturizer that does not have an SPF, then be sure to apply sunscreen as your last step in your skincare routine. If you put sunscreen on before other products, you run the risk of them not penetrating into the skin.
  • Apply as much makeup as you need after all products have absorbed.

Can You Use Them Alone?

While face serums deliver fast, effective results, they should not feature as your only cosmetic product. Your skincare routine should be made up of multiple effective products. This is to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from your efforts. Furthermore, there are certain factors pertaining to serums that may cause slight irritation. The use of additional products will counter these concerns.

For example, those that suffer from eczema may experience minor side effects. The fast-penetrating formulas may absorb too quickly and deeply into the weak skin barrier, causing discomfort. You may use additional soothing products to prevent this reaction. WebMD provides a list of what to look out for and avoid if you suffer from eczema. Click here for more information.

And, dry skin may not optimally benefit from a serum alone. Mature skin requires rich, nourishing, hydrating creams for the day and night. A serum should be used before these creams to receive optimal benefits.

You Get What You Pay For

Due to the fact that face serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients, they are slightly pricier than other cosmetics. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better than products containing emollients but it is an indication that they are potent. In saying so, don’t let the steeper prices put you off. The fact that they last longer and provide effective results are the main reasons you should be adding them to your routine. They are extremely necessary if you wish to achieve a radiant, youthful complexion. That said, we have already mentioned that certain products are superior to others. Don’t just buy the most expensive product you can find. Keep a look out for quality formulas containing clinically proven patented ingredients, positive customer reviews, and reliable manufacturer support.

Face serums are not the only product to use in your skincare routine but they are one of the most important. Though they may be costlier than other products, they offer a number of advantageous benefits for the skin. They are also extremely easy to apply and come in many types to suit specific skin goals. So, head over to a quality review site and start searching for the best face serums on the market. You’ll have a radiant glow back in no time!

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