Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia Supplement for Appetite Suppression

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In writing this review of Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia, we saw a few great upsides.

Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia Review

What’s one of the most common reasons for diets to completely derail? Cravings! Even the strongest willed can find themselves bending at the sight of sugar- and carb-rich foods. Thankfully, there’s a product that claims to help with this, Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia. But in our review of this product below did we find a supplement that is a cut above the rest, or one that falls flat? Read on to find out.


There is only one ingredient used in this product, the one that you will be expecting results from: Garcinia Cambogia, standardized to 95% HCA. This is an ingredient that is derived from a small melon that is found in Thailand. It offers a superb amount of Hydroxycitric acid, something that has been shown to cut back on cravings, particularly cravings for sweets or carbohydrates. Because this will help to prevent these cravings, you’ll be less likely to slip up. There is are 1500mg per (three-capsule) serving of this product, so the 95% concentration means 1425mg of HCA.


Those new to taking diet aids or health supplements may find this to be a bit confusing, as it isn’t as straightforward as other options to help one lose weight. However, with a bit of planning, it is doable. Take one capsule half an hour to an hour before breakfast and dinner each day. You should never take more than 2400mg of this product per day. Eating right, sleeping well, and exercising are vital parts of losing weight with Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia.

Note that while the recommended dosage is two capsules a day, the amount of HCA shown on the product label is, apparently, for three capsules a day.


You can purchase this product from the manufacturer’s website by choosing from one of three packages. A single 90-capsule bottle was available at the time of our review for $43.95, a three-bottle pack was going for $119.95 ($39.98 per unit) and a six-bottle set was priced at $199.95 ($33.33 per unit).


Without a doubt, one of the best features that this product has is its money-back guarantee. It states that it is completely unconditional, meaning that you can return the product for any reason and still receive reimbursement. It also has a long return time frame, accepting products back a full calendar year after purchase. This is perfect for those looking to try a product, but aren’t sure that they want to commit.

Conclusion – Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia

In writing this review of Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia, we saw a few great upsides. The active ingredient is made available at a high concentration and the money-back guarantee is customer-friendly. However, we do think the pricing, even with bulk discounts, is on the high side and there seems to be some ambiguity between the quantity per serving and the recommended dosage. This might not be the best choice for everyone when it comes to a diet aid.

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