Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia Review

Pauline Strauss

This product is delivered in a polished, white bottle with clear labeling and branding. The product’s showcase clearly states the benefits of the Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia supplement: Blocking Fat Production, Suppressing Appetite, and Lowering Cholesterol.

This 100% natural weight loss product promises to block the body’s glucose production and, at the same time, boost the metabolism. By blocking the production of glucose, you will be able to lose weight much more rapidly. Since no chemical products are used to extract the HCA, this product is 100% pure. No additives – such as Potassium or Calcium,- nor artificial binders are used. This means that the weight loss process is completely natural. The manufacturers of Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia claim that their supplement represents one of the safest ways to efficiently lose weight.

By making use of premium brands and a Hi-Rel clean room environment for the production of Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia , manufacturers claim to maintain a premium quality.


This 100% all-natural supplement contains pure HCA extract, with a 70% concentration. Its concentration is higher than the 50% one usually recommended for efficient fat loss.


The official website contains no available information about the recommended dosage.


This product’s price seems to be extremely low, with significant discounts for multiple buys. Free U.S. shipping is also included. One bottle can be purchased for $8.99, while 2 bottles cost $14.99, 3 bottles $21.99, and 4 bottles $28.49. Considering the actual market conditions, this price is extremely low. This can hardly be considered a good sign and it usually points at some aspects manufacturers are trying to hide (i.e. effectiveness or quality).


Manufacturers offer no guarantee for the products they sell.

Conclusion – Heaven’s Gate Premium Select Garcinia Cambogia

Due to the fact that the supplement contains no additives or artificial binders, it can be considered a good weight loss product. However, the lack of dosage information and guarantee make it look like a sour deal. We would recommend that you choose a better alternative. To check out one we thought might be a good choice, see Garcinia Cambogia Premium review.

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