Nutrition Inferno's Garcinia Cambogia Inferno Supplement for Weight Loss

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There are definite upsides to this product. For one, the ingredients seem to be on point, with the usual combination of garcinia cambogia and supporting nutrients.

Nutrition Inferno Garcinia Cambogia Inferno Review

Trying to lose weight can be a hard go. And, when you’re faced with vending machines, convenience store fare, and fast food, it may be hard to pass it up. However, with the right appetite suppressant, you may find that your cravings for sugar and carbohydrate loaded foods goes right out the window. One product claims to help suppress your appetite, cut emotional eating, promote a leaner body and more: Nutrition Inferno’s Garcinia Cambogia Inferno. But, in writing this review, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves: Does it really work?


The most important ingredient here is the Garcinia Cambogia Extract of course. This is the ingredient that will is said to help to shrink your waist and curb your appetite. For those who find that sweets or carbs are their main cravings, this may be the key to weight loss. Sourced from a tropical melon-like fruit found in Thailand that is rich with Hydroxycitric acid, it purportedly suppresses appetite. The calcium, too, is there to provide appetite suppression, as is the chromium and the potassium.


Compared to many other products containing Garcinia Cambogia, the instructions for Nutrition Inferno’s Garcinia Cambogia Inferno are fairly simple. All that you have to do to experience reduced appetite and cravings is to take two capsules per day. There is no information on when you should take these supplements, nor of if they should be taken with meals. However, it does warn that you should not exceed the recommended dose. Likewise, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people below the age of 18, and those with known health problems shouldn’t take this product without speaking with a medical professional.


The only venue we could find from which to purchase this product was Amazon but at the time of our review it was out of stock and no price was listed. This is concerning, not only because the product is not available (meaning that if you became a fan of it and wanted to order more, at the time we wrote this you wouldn’t have been able to); but also because the product does not even seem to have merited its own website from its manufacturer, giving it a somewhat fly-by-night feel.


While writing this review, we did manage to find a guarantee backing this product. This is a money-back guarantee, which promises you a complete refund if you aren’t happy with the product. The page showing the product doesn’t give much information besides that; it says that you simply have to contact them, and you will receive a complete refund of your payment price. Again, this is not a product that stirs confidence in those behind it.

Conclusion – Garcinia Cambogia Inferno

There are definite upsides to this product. For one, the ingredients seem to be on point, with the usual combination of garcinia cambogia (albeit at a relatively low concentration) and supporting nutrients. However, without pricing information or (apparently) product available for sale at all, this product is a bit too mysterious for its own good… or for yours.

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