GoutFLX 120 capsules Supplement for Relief of Gout Pain

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GoutFLX is a supplement that is made only of all-natural ingredients. Two of them, celery seed and black cherry, are already widely used and well-known to be effective at treating the symptoms and cause of gout.

GoutFLX 120 capsules Review

This is a review of the gout medication GoutFLX.  GoutFLX is an all-natural supplement that works by lowering uric acid levels in the patient’s blood, as well as reducing both inflammation and uric acid deposits in the joints. Also, it nourishes the kidneys and the liver, and helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

Cyathula root and Phellodendron bark, two of the main ingredients, both have anti-inflammatory properties and are used in traditional herbal medicine. Phellodendron also helps to keep the liver functioning at a healthy level and supports the kidneys by helping them in their elimination of toxins and waste. Another main ingredient is semen coicis, an herb that is used in traditional Chinese medicine; it significantly reduces the levels of uric acid in the blood. Next there is a plant called largehead atractylodes rhizome, which neutralizes (rather than flushing out) uric acid that is in both the blood and the urine, reduces joint pain, and helps the urination system. Celery seed extract is used as a diuretic, and therefore helps the kidneys to flush out the toxic uric acid from the blood. Because the ingredients in GoutFLX work together to lower the level of uric acid, the amount found deposited in the joints decreases; therefore so do inflammation, swelling, and pain. Black cherry contains a lot of anthocyanins and other antioxidants, helps to improve the health of the joints, reduces swelling, and is known to be a remedy for both arthritis and gout.  In fact, it is found in many other natural gout-treating supplements.


  • Black cherry extract
  • Celery seed extract
  • Cyathula root
  • Largehead Atractylodes rhizome powder
  • Phellodendron bark powder
  • Semen Coicis powder


It is recommended for adults to take one or two capsules three times a day at meal times. As always, when taking a diuretic that will flush toxins out of the system, it is highly recommended to stay well-hydrated.

Side effects

The website offers no information about any side effects that may occur from taking this product.


GoutFLX generally costs CND $26.99, but the website also offers a lower rate, CND $18.70, which is US $16.93. A bottle of 120 capsules, because one or two capsules are taken three times a day, will last between twenty and forty days. GoutFLX works out to be a little bit cheaper than other similar products such as GoutClear, which may be because there are fewer ingredients in it.


The website offers no return policy or any other similar guarantee for GoutFLX. The website does state, however, that it is made according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Conclusion – GoutFLX

GoutFLX is a supplement that is made only of all-natural ingredients.  Two of them, celery seed and black cherry, are already widely used and well-known to be effective at treating the symptoms and cause of gout. It costs about the same as, or even slightly less than, other products that have similar properties. However, GoutFLX does not come with any sort of guarantee. As mentioned, they have no documented information about side effects. The website contains no reviews, either good or bad. Therefore, although this supplement is made with well-known ingredients and will probably do no harm, it is better to stick to something that is well-known and reviewed.

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