Nature’s Plus Herbal Actives Black Cherry Gout Supplements

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It seems that Herbal Actives Black Cherry Supplement functions well and effectively as a once-daily pill, thanks to the extended-release properties of the tablet.

Nature’s Plus Herbal Actives Black Cherry Review

This is a review of Nature’s Plus Herbal Actives Black Cherry gout supplements. This gout treatment is a supplement that naturally contains many anthocyanins and cyanidins, as well as ursolic acid. The pill is encapsulated in cellulose, which means that the ingredients are released at a constant rate for ten to twelve hours. The fact that it is what is called an “extended-release” medication means that absorption of the supplement is maximized and sustained results are seen.

The extract from black cherries, which is the main ingredient, contains antioxidants, which work to fight and eliminate free radicals which therefore prevents attacks of gout. The Herbal Actives Black Cherry extended-release tablets contain a standardized amount of 6 milligrams of anthocyanin per 750-milligram tablet.  This works out to be an anthocyanin content of 0.8%, which means that they are exceptionally potent compared to other similar supplements.


  • Black Cherry, 750 mg
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Stearic acid
  • Di-calcium phosphate
  • Activessence, which contains cellulase, hemicellulase, pectinase, and xylanase)
  • Silica
  • Pharmaceutical Glaze


It is recommended to take one tablet of this supplement every day. Because of the extended release properties of Herbal Actives Black Cherry Supplement, it stays in the body and is effective for much longer than many other gout supplements, so more than one tablet a day is not necessary.

Side Effects

There is no information about side effects that this supplement may cause; however, because it is all-natural, side effects are unlikely.

It seems that this product needs to be taken long-term, and although it produces results that last all day, it needs to be taken continually to prevent future attacks of gout.


One bottle of this supplement costs $13.65. Every bottle contains thirty tablets; thus, one bottle should last for around a month. In addition to this relatively low price, it can be found on many websites at a 10% discount This means that it is effectively one of the least expensive gout treatment supplements available.


This supplement is certified only by a laboratory, which attests to its potency and the consistency of the ingredients. There is not, however, any information about customer satisfaction or a money-back policy.

Conclusion – Nature’s Plus Herbal Actives Black Cherry

It seems that Herbal Actives Black Cherry Supplement functions well and effectively as a once-daily pill, thanks to the extended-release properties of the tablet. This is an advantage because one pill per day is simpler and cheaper. It is an all-natural supplement whose main ingredient is simply extract from cherries. It has some sort of verification by a laboratory, and is taken at a lower dose than many other available supplements. One huge point in its favor is that Herbal Actives Black Cherry Supplement costs around half of what other products cost.

It would increase it’s credibility however, if it had a well defined guarantee.

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