Provailen Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Supplement for Joint Pain Relief

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Provailen seems to be good for targeting the symptoms of a gout flare-up, and may help to dissolve uric acid buildups in the joints, but it does very little to treat the underlying cause

Provailen Pain Review

This is a review of Provailen Natural Arthritis Pain Relief. Provailen is an herbal capsule that contains all-natural ingredients and works well at managing joint pain from arthritis or gout.  Its main ingredients include Reishi extract, a fungus which strengthens the patient’s immune system and adrenocortical function while reducing inflammation.  Reishi extract contains antioxidants whose job it is to bond with free radicals in the body, which thus prevents gout or arthritis from causing tissue damage.  Another main ingredient, Tongkal Ali, improves the density of the bones, strengthens the joints and muscles, and manages pain in gout sufferers by dissolving deposits of uric acid in the patients’ joints.  The last ingredient, capsaicin, also known as pepper extract, relieves pain and also serves to magnify the effect that the other ingredients have.



This product is advertised as recommending two capsules per day, but it is better to begin with only one capsule per day and wait a few days before starting to take two capsules, one to be taken in the morning and one at night

Side Effects

The manufacture of Provailen is approved by the FDA.  No severe side effects or adverse drug interactions are known. Mild side effects when first starting to take this supplement may include diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, itching, an acne-like rash, and elevated blood pressure, but these should abate after a few weeks.  See a doctor for anything more serious, or if symptoms are prolonged.

Will This Product Produce Long-Term Results?

Provailen reduces the inflammation and pain suffered by gout patients, and helps to improve their mobility. Because it is mainly addresses the symptoms of gout, patients can stop use between gout flare-ups.


One bottle, containing 60 capsules and lasting around 45 days, costs just under $50, but 4 bottles can be bought for the lower price of $149.85, when ends up $37.46 for one bottle). This means that a patient is paying $24.97 per month for this medication, a similar price of other recommended supplements for gout.


The website guarantees a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Conclusion – Provailen

Provailen seems to be good for targeting the symptoms of a gout flare-up, and may help to dissolve uric acid buildups in the joints, but it does very little to treat the underlying cause, which is excess uric in the blood which causes the buildups. As such, it is effective mainly as a symptom reliever as needed, and must be supplemented with a different, more long-term medication that can work to lower the uric acid level in the blood.

This product is made from all natural ingredients, comes at a reasonable price, is regulated by the FDA, and does not have serious side effects. As such, it would do no harm to take it.

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