ScalpMed Review

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Overall, ScalpMed seems to be a decent product that could potentially help those with hair loss problems as it uses minoxidil.

ScalpMed Review

In this review, we take a closer look at the hair loss treatment product, ScalpMed. ScalpMed utilizes a unique proprietary blend of ingredients which is patented as the Nurisol and Vitadil formula. This is a two-step program that aims to promote hair growth and prevent baldness for both men and women. The product claims to counteract hair thinning and boost hair growth which should result in healthier and thicker looking hair. If you wish to know more about this product, please continue reading our full ScalpMed review below.


This hair loss treatment product incorporates the compound minoxidil. What is minoxidil? Minoxidil is a chemical for topical use that helps promote hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. This chemical is the main ingredient in most, if not all, hair loss products today. ScalpMed utilizes minoxidil, but also combines it with other compounds to help optimize its effects. The ingredients found in ScapMed are:

Glycerol is a compound that promotes hair growth.  Polysorbate-80 contains oleic acid which helps in promoting hair growth. Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, helps in improving skin and hair health. Saw Palmetto is a compound that helps prevent hair loss. Panthenol is used primarily in most hair care products. Studies have shown that cysteine can help reverse symptoms of hair loss. Biotin is a vitamin that improves hair, eyes, and skin health.


This product should be used in a two-step process. First apply Nutisol, and then Vitadil. Apply the product by spraying up to six pumps to the thinning areas of the scalp. Use the product in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. You can use this product on dry or damp hair. Results should be visible within two months or so, as stated on the label.


ScalpMed is quite expensive with the trial package coming in at around $39.95. However, the website also mentions an introductory offer where you will only pay $29.95 and this will give you a two-month supply. If you do not cancel after these two months are up, the manufacturer will automatically send you the product every two months, but they will charge you $79.99 per month. This is certainly a very expensive rate. It is very important to read the small print for this product, as their pricing seems confusing and it also seems you could automatically be charged a high rate if you forget to cancel.


ScalpMed offers a 30-day money back guarantee. However, the small print says you will have 60 days to cancel your order if you are not happy with the introductory offer, before they automatically send you a repeat order. So it seems that after these 60 days, you will only be able to cancel your order, but not get your money back.

ScalpMed Review – Conclusion

Overall, ScalpMed seems to be a decent product that could potentially help those with hair loss problems as it uses minoxidil. However, we must point out that the price this product comes in is quite expensive considering that there are other tested, cheaper, hair growth products out there that offer similar results. The website for this product also seems to provide mixed information and can be a bit confusing. Take into account the rather low rating this product has with online customers and you have yourself an overpriced hair growth product that may or may not work for you. We believe there are better options available on the market.

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