Reasons Hemorrhoids Occur

5 Reasons Hemorrhoids Occur

Hemorrhoids are never nice. The actual word comes from the original word “Haemorrhoids”, which is a combination of two words: The Latin “Haemorrhoidae, split up as  “Haemo” which means “blood” and “Rhoidae” which translates into the word “flowing” and the Greek “Haimorrhoos.”

Over the centuries, the spelling of the word has changed and the original “a” dropped to eventually give us the word as we know today being “Hemorrhoids” or even “Hemroids” as spelt in some parts of the U.S.A as well as the word “Piles” which is very commonly used in the U.K. The word “Piles” comes originally from the from Latin word  “Pilae”, meaning balls, which was used to describe the external hemorrhoids for obvious reasons.

Hemorrhoids are never completely preventable but it is easier to prevent this condition when you move more, eat better and drink more fluids. Should you develop hemorrhoids it is important to treat it as fast as you can! Read this HemClear Review to find out more regarding the treatment of these nasty little buggers!

But what exactly causes this unpleasant condition?

1. Bowel Movement Strain 5 reasons for Hemorrhoids

This is actually the most common reason for hemorrhoids. By straining during bowel movements, blood is pushed into the rectal veins and arteries. This causes swollen veins which push against the anal walls. This then results in weak anal muscles. Weakened muscles then eventually start poking out of the walls.

2. Pregnancy

Besides gaining a ton of weight, the actual fetus also puts a lot stress on the rectal veins which then cause swollen arteries and veins and this leads to hemorrhoids. During pregnancy, you may also stop a lot of your natural physical activity, make huge changes in your regular eating habits and sit too much as well, which all contribute to developing hemorrhoids.

3. Constipation & Diarrhea

When constipation becomes persistent, people face a lot of strain in the toilet. As it becomes harder and harder to push stools out of the anus, the nerves enlarge and even rupture at times. Ruptured hemorrhoids tend to bleed when the condition worsens. This then goes hand-in-hand with an uncomfortable heightened sensitivity and pain. On the opposite end, excessive stools and a continuous flow of feces results in excessive bowel movement which also strains the anal muscles.

4. Bad Nutrition 

By engaging in an unhealthy lifestyle, especially eating a diet lacking in fiber where junk food is the order of the day, constipation takes over and excessive strain during bowel movements occur. This also relates to a diet of excessively spicy food, lots of red meat and low fluid intake.

5. Sitting Or Standing For Too Long

When you are “chained” to a desk all day, in front of your computer, you are more prone to getting hemorrhoids, because while you sit for hours at a time in the same place, pressure is being applied to your rear end and this increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids. On the other hand, being on your feet for too long, pushes blood down the body, causing swollen veins and arteries which, in turn, lead to inflamed hemorrhoids.

Should you suffer from this rather uncomfortable and often itchy condition, which an estimated 50% of all Americans suffer from by the age of 50,  know that there is help out there in the form of supplements and creams. Research Verified offers all you need to treat this condition!

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