Clearmed Hemorrhoid Treatment Review

Jenny Michelle

The product, Clearmed Hemorrhoid Treatment has a claim that it can offer the treatment of your hemorrhoid symptoms within three easy steps and provide you with the relief you need within 5 to 7 days. The makers of this product also claim that the product can ease the symptoms for both inside and outside hemorrhoids and not only ease these symptoms but heal them completely so they don’t come back. This is what the makers team of researchers are claiming.


Witch Hazel Leaf

This all-natural plant has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to strengthen your veins. It works by decreasing the irritation on the surface of the tissues to allow for decreased inflammation. It also is able to make a barrier against infection.

Horse Chestnut Leaf

This plant is able to treat different vein problems. It can also decrease swelling and help improve the elasticity of the veins. Not only does this plant do all of this but it can also improve the tone of the veins as well as strengthen the walls of them.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root can help improve the circulation of the blood as well as clean the body out. It can also make the muscle contractions more gentle throughout the digestive system and eases pain throughout the body.

Blonde Psyllium

This herb can help make bowl movements easier on a person. This is because it can reduce the passage time of a persons bowl movement because it can increase the amount of stool that passes.


This herb can help strengthen the  veins of the hemorrhoid.


Works as an anti-inflammatory and a vascular protector.

Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported from this product.


The price of Clearmed isn’t very cheap. This product could actually be rated the most expensive product to be reviewed. This is because it costs $39.95 for one bottle and this one bottle is only a one week supply. For one month, you will have to pay $160.00. You can find better products on the market today with better quality ingredients at a fraction of the cost.


Although they have a 60 day full refund guarantee, you have to send back any unused portion of the bottle which can cost you more money out of your own pocket.

Clearmed Hemorrhoid Treatment Review Conclusion

Although it has good reviews and presents itself to be one of the best hemorrhoid treatments on the market, it is still the most expensive and will not start working for a full 5 to 7 days. Because of this, you will be paying out even more money just to get temporary relief for your symptoms.

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