Exercising With Hemorrhoids

Exercising With Hemorrhoids

Did you know that exercise actually assists with the reduction of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are part of a circulatory problem and when there are problems in the lower abdominal area, we end up having more pressure and then hemorrhoids appear.

Exercise is actually a fantastic way to prevent hemorrhoids. Exercise also causes the reduction and elimination of hemorrhoids and helps them heal at a faster rate.

Exercises to avoid with HemorrhoidsIf you suffer with hemorrhoids on a regular basis or have them starting to appear, you may want to start walking more or might want to start jogging very mildly. When exercising, make sure not to wear workout gear that is too tight fitting. Opt for loose-fitting items rather. Yoga is also great as is any sort of stretching exercise and is very helpful towards the reduction of hemorrhoids.

How To Treat Hemorrhoids

The best way to treat hemorrhoids is not to overdo things. You need to take it easy, relax and take sitz baths a few times a day to soothe the pain. You also need to treat it with soothing ointment and oral treatments. Hemclear is a natural supplement with amazing properties that heal hemorrhoids from the inside out. It also is available as a cream. Read this Hemclear review here. Also, you need to break the habit of taking your cell phone in with you to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, scrolling through Facebook will only irritate the Hemorrhoids by sitting there allowing gravity to do its job and applying too much pressure.  Also, whatever you do, don’t hold it in. If you need “to go”, go! Whether driving in a car (pull off at the closest petrol station) or having to excuse yourself from a business meeting (if you can) do so as holding it in will only cause further damage down the line.

Exercises To Avoid

If you are suffering badly with hemorrhoids and experiencing all the symptoms that go with them i.e, the itchiness, the pain, burning and uncomfortableness, you’re going to want to avoid any sort of weightlifting. Doing weight lifting while your body is going through this sensitive period will increase the pressure and that’s really going to be harmful with regards to reducing your hemorrhoids.

Treating HemorroidsWhat you have to be careful with is sweating a lot. If you do sweat a lot, make sure to have a warm shower straight afterwards ensuring to pat your affected and sensitive regions with a soft towel. In fact what’s best if you get hemorrhoids often, is to actually get rid of your hair between the anus when you are not suffering with them. You can wax your hair (note this is very painful and must only be done once your hemorrhoids are healed and at least 2 months have gone by) at a beautician who doesn’t mind doing this. Don’t use hair removal lotion as this will really burn and definitely don’t laser it.  You can shave but it will need to be constant as the stubble will cause irritation.

So there you go! Exercise while you have hemorrhoids but just take it easy and you’ll be fine. Also remember to keep a water bottle with you and drink as much water as you can. At the end of the day just take care.

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